Rick And Morty Spinoff: Latest Details


Since 2013, the animated series Rick and Morty has kept their fans hooked for years for its wacky humor and science fiction. It has always ranked among the top 10 on Netflix’s animated shows. Recently, fans became more than happy after realizing, that there will be a new Rick and Morty spinoff. But this spin-off has arrived with a mind-boggling twist, which will change the show forever.

Rick and Morty spin-off show comes with a dramatic twist for fans

A new Rick and Morty spinoff has spawned a new theory among the fans. Some theory reveals that Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) and his grandson Morty (also Roiland) are the same person. Some fans are still unable to digest what they just saw about their favorite characters. You can read the official tweet of Adult Swim below.


Recently, the new theory stemmed from the Rick and Morty vs Genocider. The animated short was created by Deen Digital Studios. The shot has made bold claims about the duo of grandfather and grandson. In the Genocider, an anime-styled Rick and Morty are seen under an attack by the extraterrestrial forces who somewhat resemble the popular character Mr. Poopybutthole.

During the deadly battle, Rick gives a special portion to Morty that will grant him Rip Van Winkle powers and both part their ways. This power will give him the ability to hibernate for a long period without dying. When the duo faces a strange overlap in the frame, Rick calls Morty as Rick Sanchez. After this confusing scene ends, Rick turns into a superpowered version of himself and goes back to battle with the enemies.

Then, he dies leaving his grandson to grow old. During the ending shot, Rick gets a call from his son, who lets him know that a boy is born and his name is Morty. Then, he drinks another portion, which gives him all of Rick’s memories and lives the entire life as Rick. Additionally, the new Rick drinks the same potion from his hip flask, which suggests that the Rick seen in ‘Rick and Morty’ has been taking the dose regularly to maintain the illusion. Read the fans’ tweets below.



The shot concluded with a bold ending. Fans will now have a completely new perspective of the story. And fans are more than surprised and are wondering if this clip will affect the original plot. But we believe that it will surely change the original story. You can have a glimpse at the video to get an idea about the plot.


After the mind-boggling claim by the Deen Digital Studios, we have no idea what will happen next. But one thing we know that this spin-off will be as interesting as the original show. Moreover, this new dramatic theory will probably be addressed in the Rick and Morty season 5, which is speculated to release in 2020. So until then bookmark our page and visit our website again for more updates about your favorite animated series.

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