Winter Solstice Great Conjunction Details explained

The Winter Solstice Great Conjunction took place today and as the year came to an end, this seems to be a treat for the...


Will it be wise to invest on Bitcoin this time?

Bitcoin has been in the recent news quite often, and it did surpass 20 thousand dollars for the very first time, and has thus,...

Business Requirements of Rental Applications

The objective of the rental applications is to help a client who is looking forward to build a rental management portal that can showcase...



Taylor Swift in highlights for Willow from Evermore

Taylor Swift is an American singer and a song writer, and has been quite popular among the youngsters. Taylor Swift had announced her ninth...



BTS Butter Gets 113 Million Views Within 24 Hours: Sets World Record

Music is something which heals our mind and gives a sense of complacence. It works as a relaxing agent. There is no one in...


Pat Patterson died at the age of 79

The WWE legend, Pat Patterson who is regarded as the creator of the Royal Rumble recently died at the age of 79 years. The...
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