Miami Heat’s Andre Iguodala: ‘I have about a year or two left’ before retiring.


We have n-number of examples where a player plans to get an early retirement mostly when he or she is at the age of 35 to 45, which is considered to be a good age to leave the respective field. Similarly in an interview, Andre Iguodala was questioned about his retirement plans. The 36-year-old forward player replied that he has got a year or two left before retiring from the NBA.

Some accolades:

On 2nd February 2020, Andre has signed a 2 years contract worth 30 Million Dollars with Miami Heat. Andre has started playing for NBA since 2004 and played almost 1,200 regular seasons and postseason games. 

Till now, he has won two gold medals and a final MVP award during the course. Multiple games made him go through injuries still Andre was able to cope up with all of that and played his best for his team. 

Miami Heat’s Andre Iguodala: ‘I have about a year or two left’ before retiring

The 36-year-old player has commented in an interview that he is still got a year or two to perform his best. He seems to have a fair idea of how long he wants to play further. 

Andre Iguodala has also played for Golden State Warrior since 2012 and the team has won 3 times NBA championship. His establishment in his basketball career made him very popular to be chosen by bigger teams. Miami Heat has shown their extreme happiness when Andre signed a contract with them. Andre’s present only can make wonders for Miami Heats in the upcoming NBA seasons. 

Why he is keener for the early retirement:

As per the talks with him, Andre Iguodala is not going to stretch his career after 2-3 years as for one more reason. He wants to help his wife and see after his teenage son. In an interview, he commented that his son has not seen any danger yet and growing in a very comfortable and soft environment. He wants to navigate the direction for his son


Andre was one of the best two-way players in the whole NBA and his alone experience put value in a franchise. The next two seasons maybe last seasons for Andre Iguodala. The clock has started ticking now it’s time to see when Andre will decide to end with NBA seasons.

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