John Wick 5: Release Date? Every Update Know So Far


    We have good news for Keanu Reeves fans. Sources reveal that John Wick has been confirmed and renewed for the fifth chapter. We know that you are excited after reading this news! Continue reading to find information about the production, and much more.

    Some fans already knew that a fifth sequel was going to happen in the future, but they were waiting for official confirmation. A while ago, film creators announced the 4th installment of John Wick, which is slated to release on May 27, 2022. Before its release, the makers have made all the fans happy. So not only one, but two chapters of the John Wick series are in line.

    Since the initial release of the first chapter, the story is continued until the third part. All the three installments had kept the fans intact with the story. So if you are a newbie, then you will have to watch all three parts to understand the plot. Keanu Reeves has gained worldwide fame after starring in John Wick. Also, the film has earned massive revenue in all three films.

    What is the Production Update Of John Wick four and five?

    The production of the 5th chapter is speculated to film simultaneously along with the 4th chapter. Makers are planning to release these two films in 2 consecutive years. Besides, the filming of the 4th part had already begun, in 2020, but the Covid-19 outbreak ruined all the production plans.

    Moreover, this led the creators to shift the launch date of the film from 2021 to May 2022. So the shooting of the fourth chapter will hopefully begin next year along with the fifth one. So fans can expect the production of a fifth part to get completed in 2022 and release in 2023. These are just speculations if it goes according to the creator’s plans.

    Currently, the creators and Keanu Reeves are tight-lipped about the new plot, cast, and other details because it is still under the pre-production stage. The scriptwriters are still busy writing the fourth and fifth chapters. So fans will have to keep their patience and wait for more updates about the films.


    Keanu Reeves has always impressed his fans. Besides, his personality, affection, simplicity, and well-mannered behavior is an important thing that has made him a star. He has played exceptional roles in every film, be it Matrix Series or John Wick series. So his forthcoming films will definitely win our hearts again.

    Come back soon to our website for more updates about his new movies. Until then, subscribe to our blog and keep reading with for more interesting updates.

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