George Washington professor Jessica Krug pretends to be black


Here’s a story about a professor from George Washington University, Jessica Krug who says that she has been pretending to be a black woman all this while. She has been a prominent activist too. Jessica further says that her identity was built on a “toxic soil of lies.” This young lady of around 38 years wrote about it in a blog that she has been building her identities all this while. Jessica Krug originally belongs to a white Jewish family from Kansas City. In the blog post, Krug has revealed her assumption around different false identities including that of the “North African Blackness, US rooted Blackness and Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness” as well.

Jessica Krug

Blog Post revelation of Jessica Krug

She further wrote in her statement that she has claimed those identities as something of her own! Adding on to it she says, “I have not only claimed these identities as my own when I had absolutely no right to do so – when doing so is the very epitome of violence, of thievery and appropriation, of the myriad ways in which non-Black people continue to use and abuse Black identities and cultures – but I have formed intimate relationships with loving, compassionate people who have trusted and cared for me when I have reserved neither trust nor care.”

Jessica Krug built her life on a violent anti-black lie

Krug has been an expert in Latin America, African American history and diaspora, early modern world history, colonialism and imperialism. Further, she adds on to her blog post by writing that she has never claimed of having a dual life. She was never of the mind set to live a life claiming herself to be white at some points and then again saying herself to be black at the others. She wrote it that she was committed to live this life that was complete and built on just lies, with no plans to exit. Going through her blog post, she has mentioned it somewhere that she had suffered several health issues since her childhood and that’s when she actually began to claim a false identity of herself. Probably, this is the consequence of the battles and the trauma that she might have gone through during her childhood days and at her teens. However, she does not mind what and how the world sees her! She does not want to put any of the blame for her actions upon her own mental status, nor does she uses any justification.

Jessica Krug: Claims herself to be a culture leech

Jessica Krug of late says that she is not a culture vulture but rather a culture leech. She even calls herself as a coward and thinks herself to be a threat to all the people she loves and lives with! She says that she has absolutely no words to express the severity of her remorse and that she will never be able to accept her own forgiveness. However, the school seems to be working upon this sensitive issue and nothing about her resignation from the University has come into the picture so far!

Jessica Krug is being called as the new Rachel Dolezal altogether

Recently, there has been a huge buzz all across the internet and social media regarding this lady, Jessica Krug who is being compared to that of Rachel Dolezal. This is being somehow or the other related to Spokane’s NAACP branch, Rachel whose identity was revealed by her own parents, Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal. All that seems to be spread as a rumor then was the fact that despite not being born into a black man’s family, Rachel used to pose herself as a black woman before the media to prop up her career in civil rights.
Looking at Krug’s life and all the publishes that she has been credited for, back in the year 2019, she had written an essay in Essence which is no longer available. However, in that particular write-up, she has centered herself within the Black cultures. Recently, there is a dilemma if Jessica Krug and Jess la Bombalera are the same person, as a recent tweet comes up and goes viral. Here is the attachment of the same!
Jessica Krug
In a medium blog post that was published just yesterday, Krug had titled the post as “The Truth, and the Anti-Black violence of My Lies,” she said that she had this controversy upfront. We have also got to know that the University where she has been working as a professor had opened an investigation to look into the matter. A spokesperson for GW, Crystal L. Nosal said that it is high time that the University decides what is to be done regarding such an issue that might seem to be so simple, but is actually very sensitive.
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