FAUG: Akshay Kumar reveals Made In India PUBG Alternative FAU-G

With the government’s initiative to come up with Swadeshi ideas and indigenous or made-in-India products, here is an alternative to the popular PUBG game, FAU-G. As the PM Modi on his recent release on Mann Ki Baat talked about PUBG ban and encouraged the youth to come up with new ideas and intentions to promote “Aatmanirbhar Bharat,” here is a new game that is soon to be released. Previously, a long list of Chinese apps including Tiktok along with some other Chinese apps were banned. Now, the government announced the ban of 118 other apps alongside the popular action game, PUBG. This home-grown competitor, FAU-G is basically an online multiplayer shooting game.
For all those gamers who have been brooding all this while over the ban of the popular PUBG mobile, the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar announced the Indian version of this action game. Going around the social media, there were memes and jokes all throughout, but the current announcement has been an evidence of the Indian citizen joining hands to come up with new ideas that would encourage the Aatmanirbhar Movement. Certainly, #FAUG and #AkshayKumar are going trendy across the social media.

Arrival of FAU-G announced by the famous celebrity, Akshay Kumar

FAU-G stands for Fearless and United-Guards pledged to donate approximately 20% of its revenue to the government fund. This Bengaluru-based nCore games counts Vishal Gondal as an investor, the veteran of this Indian gaming industry.
Akshay Kumar FAUG
Furthermore, the revenue earned from this app will directly go to avail benefits to the paramilitary forces, known as ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ post the 2019 Phulwama terror attack. Not only, Akshay Kumar, several other celebrities including Milind Deora came up with yet another tweet supporting this movement.

Social media buzz over FAU-G

Since the government announced the ban on the popular PUBG game, that was developed by the Chinese gaming and social media group, Tencent standing among the top 5 smartphone games with more than 700 million downloads, here is what India comes up with its indigenous app. Mr Gondal revealed in front of the News Agency, Reuters by saying that the clash in Ladakh back in June had led to the demise of twenty Indian soldiers, and thus, the first level of this game will be based on the Galwan Valley. There are several unspecified casualties being reported along with! He further said that the gaming enthusiasts can expect the launch of FAU-G by the end of October this year.

Akshay Kumar supports the concept of the game FAU-G

Indeed, the concept of the game, as heard so far sounds to be pretty interesting. Mr Gondal, the investor of this upcoming action shooting game, FAU-G thanks Akshay Kumar saying that he has helped a lot towards the building of the concept of this game. Gondal adds on to it saying that the celebrity has entitled the game, playing upon the Hindi word, “Fauji.”

Gondal expects to win over 200 million gamers in a year’s span

According to the sources, Gondal has recently said post the announcement of the game that he is soon going to win the hearts of his Indian gamers. Since the PM’s notion of banning Chinese goods or products including that of games, the ban of PUBG had left many players aloof. However, right after two days, an announcement got into the picture, and thus, Gondal, the chief investor behind this app says that he expects to win more than 200 million users in a year’s time span.
FAUG Vishal Gondal

nCore Games yet to come up with the release date and other details regarding FAU-G

The CEO of GOQii, Vishal Gondal in an official tweet that he solely abides by the Aatmanirbhar campaign of PM Narendra Modi and he calls for today’s youth to come up and save the integrity and sovereignty of the nation that were under threat so far. nCore games would reveal the release date of FAU-G along with other related details really soon. Not just that the game is an Indian creation, but the purpose behind the gaming app is to support the Bharat Ke Veer trust, which is certainly a noble cause. Ever since the ban of PUBG and its removal from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, here is the latest innovation. Hence, FAU-G is not just intended to offer the entertainment doze to the players but would simultaneously help them learn about the sacrifices of our Indian soldiers. It is being said that FAU-G game will surround around the real life scenarios that are common for the Indian security forces and all that they have to go through, to deal with both domestic and foreign threats.
The gamers seem to be curious figuring out all that game has got to unfold. We, too, are waiting eagerly for new updates to be shared soon. Stay tuned to hear more on the same!

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