Australian Study Says Deadly Coronavirus Can Stay on Surface for 28 Days


New Australian study is revealing that coronavirus or SARS-Cov-2 that is mainly responsible for the infection of novel corona virus can remain for 28 days consecutively on specific surfaces like stainless steel, mobile cover or bank notes.

novel coronavirus

Depending on the previous researches, it has been proven that corona virus can survive on any kind of smooth surfaces for hardly three to seven days. But in recent times Australian agency CSIRO made a survey on Corona virus (SARS-Cov-2) that unveils a new information about this deadly virus. The survey says this virus can remain infectious for at least 28 days on smooth surfaces if kept in dark room at room temperature.

What Does the Recent Study of Coronavirus say?

According to the observation, at a temperature of 20 degree Celsius covid-19 corona virus could be detected after even 28 days. While going through this observation all the non-porous surfaces like stainless steel, vinyl, polymer note, glass, and paper notes were tested.

 In the conclusion the results says, findings demonstrate the corona virus can be infectious remarkably for any longer period as compared to generally considered possible time. And these information could be used to indicate the higher risk of increasing infection rate and prevent the rapid spread of corona virus. comparing with coronavirus, influenza A can survive in normal room temperature at the smooth surfaces for 17 days. It also unveiled that there is a higher risk of this virus to be survived on smooth surface rather than complex surfaces like cotton and plastic.

The research has been occurred in a very secured laboratory (biosafety level 4) with a very controlled environment at the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness. Obviously in dark, just to remove the effect of ultra violet lights.



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