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Apple initiates recall of old 15 inch MacBook Pros over battery heating issue


Apple, this month, has initiated a voluntary recall for their mid-2015 15-inch “Retina” MacBook Pros over a possible security difficulty with their built-in batteries. The manufacturer says that a few of these batteries can overheat, which poses a security danger.

Apple claims that a restricted number of the 15-inch MacBook Pros bought between September 2015 and February 2017 use a battery that poses a potential security threat as they can overheat. Notably, that is the last generation of “Retina” MacBook Pros, and the problem doesn’t affect either earlier (pre-2015) or the later USB-C models. As a part of the program, Apple will exchange affected batteries free of cost worldwide.

Owners of mid-2015 MacBook Pros are, in turn, being requested to visit a special page on Apple’s website to submit their machine’s serial quantity to be able to discover out whether or not their notebooks are eligible for this system. Affected laptops will be taken to an Apple retailer, a licensed restore middle, or mailed in, with Apple advising owners that your entire service course of might take one to two weeks. Within the meantime, owners of affected laptops shouldn’t be using them any longer than necessary to grab a fresh backup of their contents.

In the meantime, typical for Apple, the company has not disclosed what number of notebooks could also be affected; although that info could present up as soon as they submit a proper assertion with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission. And whereas there may be nothing good about an overheating battery, one of many different AnandTech editors did point out there’s a silver lining to all of this: affected laptop computer homeowners are about to get a free battery substitute for laptops that are actually developing on a number of years previous, breathing some new life into Apple’s remaining technology of 15-inch laptops with a number of port varieties and a (correct) set of function keys.

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