Where to buy your PS5? – Live updates

Are you wondering about where to get your new PS5 from? We would better ask you to head straight to the Walmart as the retailer has listed it recently this morning. Since the stock is updated today, we would rather recommend you to go right there, and try refreshing until and unless you are able to purchase the PS5 at first. Besides, the stock is going to move really fast, and thus, it’s better that you aren’t losing out an opportunity. Walmart did run out of the PS5 stock in just a few seconds during the pre-order window and this is being expected this time as well. However, all we would urge to you is to keep refreshing without giving it up. As soon as the stock was updated in Walmart, it wiped off in just a few seconds. But, you never know if you get too lucky and it gets clicked. So, just keep trying!
As Walmart went live, and then the stock got cleared in just a few seconds, the only retailer that we are still waiting for is none other than the Amazon. We are eagerly waiting for the online e-commerce giant to come up with the first wave of PS5 now, but you need to be really conscious this time, and make sure that you are not missing out the opportunity as soon as the feature is hit!

Retailers featuring the PS5: Keep checking!

Some of the retailers that had PS5 includes Walmart, Best Buy and more. However, Walmart made it available but the stock got sold out in just a few moments. Now, they say that you can return back at 3PM EST and keep checking for you never know when it gets back! You can also check it on Amazon or join the virtual queue on Sony, but do not just wait for it. My advice to you is that you must keep checking with other retailers too!

When will PS5 restock?

Sony has not declared anything officially about the restock till now. It has just revealed the launch date and the availability of the Sony PS5 to be 12th of November for selected areas, further mentioning that it shall be going for a worldwide release on 19th of November.

PS5 Price in India

The Play Station 5 is driving the gamers crazy, and in India it is tagged at a price of ₹ 40,000 for the PS5 digital edition and the Play Station 5 with the optical drive is available at a price of ₹ 50,000. No wonder, people do not seem to be minding much about having to pay the amount, as the most significant question right now relates to the availability of the product.
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