UFC star, Conor McGregor attempted sexual assault, arrested

Conor McGregor who is named as Conor Anthony McGregor is actually an Irish retired professional. He is a boxer and a martial artist. He was born on 14th of July, 1987 in Dublin, Ireland and has recently been arrested by the cops for an indecent exposure. The star was arrested in Corsica on the suspicion of sexual assualt. A prosecutor said on Saturday that a complaint has been filed on his name on 10th of September denouncing the acts. Following is the statement written by the prosecutor to the news agency, AFP, “Following a complaint filed on September 10 denouncing acts that could be described as attempted sexual assault and sexual exhibition, Mr. Conor Anthony Mac Gregor was the subject of a hearing by the police.”
Conor McGregor
However, the statement from the prosecutor does not reveal any details of the alleged offences. Well, there seems to be a lot of controversies about this 32 years old fellow right now. No clear statement was stated by the prosecutor though! Previously, Conor McGregor had hit the headlines in the year 2019 wherein the allegation held a viral video wherein he was attaching an older man in a bar in Dublin. So far, no other details have been levied on the charges against him. McGregor was recently seen in a lavish event on the port of Calvi. He had attended the event along with his fiancee, Dee Devlin. The Dubliner didn’t fight post his battle with Donald Cerrone in January wherein he gave the latter a tight fight back in just a span of 40 seconds. He had certainly planned to fight thrice but the Covid 19 crisis has made things worse. However, he had to retire in June for the third time in all these 4 years now!

Conor McGregor released from the police custody

Conor McGregor’s lawyer has recently reported that he was released on Saturday without having any charge levied upon him. McGregor was recently released from the police custody without being charged with any allegation. His legal representative on the French Island Emmanuelle Ramon has said as AFP while calling the complaint to be ‘abusive.’ Finally, the news has come up that Conor had been freed from the cops. Certainly, this is a good news to his fans. Everyone seem to be curious about knowing what happened next and whether or not Conor had to face a lot of trouble. It is quite evident from the tweets that are going viral all across the social media.
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