The star Lionel Messi helps Barcelona to win over Napoli on Saturday to reach quarter-finals for the consecutive 13th season.


What just happened and Messi’s involvement in it:

As we all know how aggressive and fired-up Lionel Messi is when it comes to making a win in Champions League matches for Barcelona. This time the match was with Napoli to reach in the top 8 teams by 3-1 at the home to Napoli on Saturday, that is the quarter-finals of Champions League by a 4-2 aggregate victory which led the team into Champions League for the 13th consecutive seasons now. Now Barcelona has to face Bayern Munich in the next match of quarter-finals.

Matchday highlights:

After a shaky start, the Catalans took a lead over Barcelona in the 10th minute by Clement Lenglet’s powerful header from a corner. But you all know Messi is somebody you should not mess around with, he scored a super second just in 23rd minute of the match, which event 4 defenders could not stop from far bottom corner.

Messi could have made another net count if his goal was not ruled out for Handball by the Argentine following a VAR review. Still again he won a penalty which was converted as the 3rd goal for Barcelona by Luis Suarez.

As per Luis Suarez, the team has got very less time to practice like only 2 weeks. Also, the opponents were tough to win over, as they have taken Barcelona by surprise in the first half, but as Luis side has made the 1st goal, the uncertainty of winning has reduced significantly. Barcelona has got what they wanted with 3 goals.

Why and How the team has performed well:

According to the sources, Messi was the whistle-blower for the rusty performance of Barcelona back in Feb, when the match was a draw by 1-1. Messi was fearing of not having a good chance of winning Europe’s top prize just like in 2015 unless the whole team improves the performance.


The really interesting awaited match is around the corner. The hopes are sky-high from Barcelona this season. As a well-known fact, Bayern has thrashed Chelsea by 7-1 on aggregate recently. It is about time to see a real big face-off between Barcelona and Bayern. May the best team win and keep us amazed.

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