Nba League Star: Steph Curry, Unlikely to Play in Tokyo Games.


Wardell Stephan Steph Curry is currently playing for Golden State Warrior in NBA. Steph is also known as the most valuable player of NBA and he has won three NBA championships till now for the team. Although his name is big in the NBA, But there is still one thing that is remaining from his checklist which every basketball player dreams of, that’s Olympics, which he might not be able to play anytime soon.


Steph has managed to get FIBA World CUP gold medals two times but he was sat out in the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janerio. In 2016, the USA team won the Gold where Curry’s other colleagues Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were the winning team core players.

Back to NOW:

In February 2020, there was 44 Finalist where Curry’s name was also finalized for Olympics men basketball team from the US. And, it was all well before Coronavirus has hit the entire world.

There is no doubt that Steph would be selected as one of the 12 finalists for World Cup 2021 in Tokyo. But we are still skeptical that the NBA team will participate in the 2021 World Cup. Since in this season too, they are somehow managing to play safe NBA with many difficulties amid COVID-19.

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According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

The elite team members would be playing full season next year in front of fans. And there are fewer chances that any NBA players or any international players will take part in the Olympics this time. As for the owners, the Olympics is less priority and NBA will seek other gaming opportunities. It is because the Olympics doesn’t share the television revenue that originates from any leagues Superstar’s organization. The organizations will recognize the right conditions for the player as they have invested a lot of money in them.

Even if Team USA wanted to send Curry, Thomson, and other players to Olympics, there is no guarantee they would prefer to go, as they would have already played 7 seasons while the rest of the player will be on the count of six.

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So to conclude with a heavy heart:

It is Curry who has never taken part in The Olympics, so he would prefer to be a part, but after the increasing case of Covid-19, it is unlikely that Curry or any other member will take part in Tokyo games any sooner.

Stay tuned for more information and stay safe.

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