Google Pixel 4A – All you need to know!

People seemed to be really excited about the launch of the Pixel 3a in India, and they happened to be equally excited about hearing the price the last year. Google is not going to launch the Pixel 5 or the Pixel 4A with the 5G version in India and now that it has come up with this Pixel 4A, everyone appears to be pretty excited about it. The Pixel 4 A is priced at a more aggressive budget this time in India and it is going to cost you a price of ₹ 31,999.

Highlights of this Google Pixel 4 A

  • The Pixel 4a features an OLED display and HDR10 playback support
  • The software, cameras and display are its highlight features
  • The battery is small but this phone manages to deliver good battery life
  • Google Pixel 4a Review
  • The Google Pixel 4a is priced at Rs. 31,999 in India
Google has thought of keeping the things simple for this year and there is just one version of this Google Pixel 4A available in the market. Furthermore, it has also keep us posted about the fact that there is not going to be any XL option this time. You can fetch it just one version and that is available in a single configuration. It comes with a 12 GB of storage capacity along with a 6 GB of RAM. However, it is available in just a single color, and that is black!

Google Pixel 4a design

If you are looking for a flashy or a in-your-face kind of design, this Google Pixel 4 A is definitely not the one for you. However, I can still tell you that it is extremely simple in design but even with such a minimalistic outlook, it is just “elegant.” It seems pretty attractive in such a design too! Google did use a unibody shell made up of the poly carbonate that has got a soft-touch matte finish as well. Also, it is comparatively slim at 8.2 mm which is undoubtedly a model of lightweight and is just 143 grams in weight.
The Google Pixel 4 A is so compact that its overall dimensions and round edges which is absolutely comfortable as well. Talking about the buttons to access and their corresponding locations, you can find the volume as well as the power buttons just in the right of the device, which happen to offer a really impressive tactile feedback. You also get a headphone jack right at the top of the device and there is a tray meant for a single Nano-sim which is located to the left. Also, there are the speaker and the USB type C port situated just at the bottom of the device. You can avail just a single slot for the physical SIM in this Google Pixel 4 A. However, you may still go and opt for an eSIM without any sort of challenges.
google pixel 4a
Talking about how the back of the Google Pixel 4 A appears at the back, you can expect to fetch a capacity fingerprint sensor which is there which works really efficiently and you can easily use it any time without having to go through the hassle of unlocking your device with a pattern or a password, particularly when you are in a hurry or on the go! Whatsoever, it allows you to pull down the notification panel in just a swipe. Let me tell you that there is no provision for in-display sensor even though this phone has got an OLED panel, and also, there is no provision for face recognition available on the Pixel 4 A.
The Pixel 4a has a simple design and yet it looks just stunning. The borders are just a little thicker and they still stay a bit even all across the display area. There is a hole punch cutout for the selfie camera and the display is certainly somewhat larger than the one for the Pixel 3 A that was tagged at a price of ₹ 30,999. The 3 A was just 5.8 inches in terms of diagonal display and there is also an OLEE panel that happens to come up with a full HD+ resolution. Also, it happened to support the HDR 10 playback made of the Gorilla glass 3 meant for scratch protection. One of the most prominent features that seems to be missing in this particular model as compared to the one that belonged to the last year is none other than the Active Edge sensors.
Previously, on the older models of the Pixel phones, you had to active the Google Assistant and you could do that by squeezing the pressure sensitive side panels of those phones. Google also went on handling the “Now Playing” feature which used to recognize the songs that were being played in the background. It further used to display the title as well as your artist on your lockscreen.

What’s in the box of Google Pixel 4 A?

You can expect to see an 18W Type-C charger, a USB Type-C to Type-C cable, a Quick Switch adapter for importing data from an older phone, a SIM tool, and documentation. You don’t get any case or headset in the retail box of the Google Pixel 4 A.

Google Pixel 4a performance and battery life

Google Pixel 4a comprises of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G SoC. It might not be the most powerful SoC you’ll find in phones at this price, but is good enough! You can get a device with 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128 GB of storage, which is really good to get at this price. Google Pixel 4a supports 4G VoLTE, Bluetooth 5, dual-band Wi-Fi ac, NFC, as well as, four satellite navigation systems. You do not get a wireless charging or IP rating, but you definitely get stereo speakers which are great. The Pixel 4a even features Google’s Titan M security hardware that is meant for biometric authentication along with other security-related functions.
The Pixel 4a is also capable of running a lean stock Android without any bloatware
A final Android 11 update is important for the softwares that have been running in the market even though Android 10 is running well and most of the units have been using the same. Have you ever used a Pixel smartphone earlier? Are you aware about what all you should be expecting from it? Well, let me tell you that the interface is absolutely clean, and there is just no bloatware.
google pixel 4a
Also, it has already got all the essential apps pre-installed right in the device. It even comes with a Personal Safety app from the Google which allows you to set up the emergency contacts just as you need and prefer to set. Last but not the least, there is also a Pixel Tips application which allows the first time Pixel users to stay accustomed to this smart phone. The best thing is that it allows you to enable the gestures in your own way so that you can access the camera at ease without any trouble. You may even choose to silence an incoming call just as you want! Google provides a minimum of 3 years of OS and security updates via this Pixel phone.
Once you start using this Google Pixel 4A, you are sure to say that it has been a really wonderful experience for you since the powerful hardware combined to the Google’s lean software makes the overall experience just astounding. Besides, it gets easy for you to unlock the phone with the fingerprint sensor just at ease. The interface is equally good to work upon and the always on display helps you get a glimpse of all your unread alerts at a go! Nevertheless, the Google Assistant is good as well, whether you are looking forward to transcribe what you just said, or you were just looking for an option to fetch search results, this is a good deal to opt for! Also, the Google Pixel 4 A comes with a higher display rate, which is about 90 Hz and it is certainly something that is going to make your experience greater!
Talking about the display, this device is an amazing piece. It comes with vivid colors, and deep blacks, with sharp texts – everything that you are surely going to love! The screen is equally bright and the white is equally murky with a fair brightness alongside. You are definitely going to love it at such a price segment. The HDR content looks equally amazing, and whether it is played locally or you are going to stream your applications via it, this smart phone is not going to disappoint you any way! Also, the stereo speakers are having a crystal clear and loud sound, and the bottom fring is slightly louder than the earpiece. Whether you want to have it for watching movies, or is looking forward to have this device for playing games such as Mars, or Call of Duty, this is the one! Besides, the device runs quite smoothly without bothering you at all about any sort of heating issues.
google pixel 4a
Google Pixel 4 A has a 3,140 mAh battery and in our Hd video battery loop test being conducted to check the battery life, we discovered that this device runs a little more than 12 and a half hours. Consequently, with a medium to light real world usage, your device is going to last for almost the entire day in just a single charge. If you are going to use a lot of camera and watch videos constantly, the battery life may just last up to a day. Pixel 4 A is also eligible to fast-charge its battery with the bundled 18 W adapter which is about 52 percent in half an hour, and up to 88 percent in an hour’s span. It took about 15-20 minutes more to reach full capacity. Just as the device uses the USB Power Delivery (PD) standard, you may also choose to use any Type-C PD charger to charge the Pixel 4a faster.

Google Pixel 4a cameras

Google Pixel 3a had really good cameras then, and the Google Pixel 4 A sticks to the same resolutions in terms of front and rear cameras just like their predecessors. The rear camera comes with a 12.2-megapixel sensor and an f/1.7 aperture, dual-pixel PDAF, and optical stabilization. On the other hand, the front camera uses an 8-megapixel sensor along with a f/2.0 aperture. You cannot expect to get a physical ultra-wide-angle rear camera on this device, just like the one you get on the 5G variant of the Pixel 4a, and on several other phones at this price range.
Google Pixel 4a has just a single rear camera with several features such as the Night Sight, Top Shot, Super Res Zoom, Motion Autofocus, and Live HDR+. Another interesting feature is the Frequent Faces, which is able to recognize and recommend shots when enabled. You can easily fetch it while selecting a Motion Photo or a Top Shot. Google Pixel 4 A allows you to tweak the shadows and exposure in a much more independent way, and the best time is that you can see these effects in real time in the viewfinder. In case you are shooting a video, you may choose to adjust the exposure manually by tallying on the viewfinder as you start focus tracking. The camera comprises of a lot of shooting modes. However, there is no manual mode, and you can go to the Settings menu to enable the RAW capture. It is a great device for you even when you are shooting low light videos. Don’t worry for it is going to optimize your photos and make sure that it is devoid of unnecessary noise, and other disruptions.
Google Pixel 4 A is a good deal being offered at present on this price range. Therefore, if you are planning to get a smartphone with all the features enabled to it, at such an affordable price, make sure that you are grabbing it!
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