Ed Markey bets Joe Kennedy from the Senate challenge

Recently, the 74 year old Sen. Ed Markey finally cruiser to triumph against the 39 years old Rep. Joe Kennedy. This clearly states the loss of an election in Massachusetts for the first time by a Kennedy and now, he would probably be out of the Senate office really soon. Markey has a total of 10 points lead with 55% vote to Kennedy’s 45%. Kennedy has conceded the race as of now and 29 million dollars have been spent between the two candidates for the safe seat.
Ed Markey
Whatsoever, the voters and reporters pressed Kennedy for the last year. They pressed Kennedy to explain the reason for his policy positions. It seems that Markey and the Democrats are currently under great pressure to focus upon cash, all of them reclaiming the Senate and the White House. His response rise up to the idea that be would “leverage” a Senate seat better than the incumbent. Whatsoever, there is a lot more to be in the upper chamber than the bills being sponsored and the votes cast.

Joe  Kennedy acknowledged in the House of Representatives

Joe Kennedy recently acknowledged the fact that be did use the platform in the House of Representatives in order to uphold the national attention to policy issues such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ayanna Pressley. He said that he did leverage his team in the House by travelling all throughout the nation during the 2018 midterm cycle. He rode around 5 million dollars for different Democratic candidates and thus, flip the House. He offered them the service as a regional Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee vice chair. This commitment to unseat the Republicans represented a transfer for the Massachusetts Congressman who started his time in Washington. He was not keen enough to build Democratic power in the House.
As per several speculators, the Massachusetts voters didn’t seem to buy it anyway and it was quite apparent that the bid was driven by Kennedy for calculating his scopes of entering the Senate. There was no shortage of strong Senate waiting for Sen. Elizabeth Warren to see a location in a potential Biden administration. Both the Pressley and state Attorney General Maura Harley seem to be taking interest in running an open seat. It was quite evident that Kennedy’s campaign was quite desperate during the final month of the race. He was probably the guy who tried to give his best, so as to prove his chances of entering the Senate not just on the basis of his famous surname.
Ed Markey contrasted both the wealth and privilege of upbringing of Joe Kennedy with his modest childhood. In a recent campaign video that went viral, Ed Markey says, “It’s time to start asking what your country can do for you.”
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