Dark Desire: What Will Be The Storyline For Season 2?


    It has been such a long time since we have heard anything about the Spanish series Dark Desires. In July 2020, Netflix dropped the first season of the show. As soon as it got released, the show became a massive hit. It began trending in various countries, and people all over the world loved it. Even the critics praised the series for its plot. 

    More details about the show

    Epigmenio Ibarra and Kenya Márquez served as the directors, and Leticia López Margalli served as the creator of the series. The Spanish show is receiving a good response from the audience and they are hoping for a new season to come out soon. Read the positive tweet of a fan below.

    The first season was loved by all and people are dying to know what will happen in the upcoming season. If you are one of them, then don’t worry we have listed all the latest information about Dark Desires season 2. Keep reading to find out more.

    Dark Desire Season 2 Plotline

    The series revolves around a woman named Alma Solares, and one day her life changes after spending her weekend away from her home. The debut season left a major cliffhanger, and fans are still trying to figure out the suspense in the show.

    Some viewers still have numerous questions and one such question includes the death of Alma’s best friend Brenda. She died in the debut season. Some fans are doubting whether the second season will reveal how she died, what if it wasn’t a suicide, and who is her killer.

    Viewers also want to find the whereabouts of Dario, and what will be his next step in the upcoming season. Sadly, the streaming giant has still not renewed Dark Desires season 2 yet. So, fans are were praying that Netflix will give an official announcement of season 2. And when the second season gets produced, they will get their answers as well. So we currently have no updates about what happens next in the second season.

    Launch Date For Dark Desire Season 2

    If the streaming service and showrunners greenlight the Spanish series for season 2, then we still have to wait for a year or two to find its release date. Well, we don’t know, it may even take longer than expected due to the ongoing pandemic. Covid-19 has affected various shows and films.

    Moreover, the production of many big projects of the streaming giant is delayed because of this. But if the series does get renewed for season 2, then we can expect it to arrive by the end of 2021 or early 2022. However, nothing is officially affirmed from the streaming service’s side, so we will have to keep calm and wait patiently for the next season.

    Dark Desire Season 2 Cast

    All the cast of Dark Desires are expected to reprise their roles. Maite Perroni as Alma Solares, Alejandro Speitzer as Darío Guerra, Erik Hayser as Esteban Solares, Regina Pavón as Zoe Solares, Claudia Pineda as Garcia, Jorge Poza as Leonardo Solares, and Paulina Matos as Edith Ballesteros will surely return in the upcoming season.


    The series will take more than a year to complete all the stages of its production. We know that it is too long, but it is worth the wait. The show will be revived soon, so till then, you can either rewatch season 1 or try another series in the same genre. Stay tuned for more updates.

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