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Did you open up the Google page today? Well, if you did, you might have noticed that Google has replaced their homepage logo with the image of the popular Canadian athlete, who is well regarded as a cancer activist too, and it is none other than Terry Fox. The illustrated Doodle has definitely made my day! Coming to his intro, Terry Fox was originally born up in the year 1948 on 28th of July. He did participate in a wide range of sports and athletics including that of soccer, basketball, distance running among many others.

terry fox google doodle

Sadly, Terry Fox was diagnosed with bone cancer while he was just 18 years old. He had the mutation in his right knee and thus, the doctors then had no other option left but to amputate his right leg. He saw quite a lot of people in the cancer ward of the kids and thus, took the inspiration from Dick Traum who was known as the first amputee to finish the New York Marathon. Terry Fox thus, decided to continue running and since then, he used to donate funds to encourage people about cancer research.

Terry Fox – Details And How Did He Achieve His Goal?

Finally, Terry Fox got an artificial leg, and post 14 months of physical training, he finally participated in a public marathon. Terry Fox had participated in a public marathon wherein he ran all through the entire length of Canada right from east to that of west. Fox embarked on 12th of April, year 1980 on this “Marathon of Hope” that was from the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

He proceeded a length of approximately 26 miles along with his brother and a companion who supported him from a van. Certainly, it led to a tragedy wherein Fox’s was required to be admitted to the hospital due to coughing fits and chest pains after a total span of 143 days and 3,339 miles. On admitting to the clinic, it was discovered that the cancer got all up to his lungs and the doctors stated that he won’t be able to resume the Marathon of Hope any further.

Terry Fox: Fundraising For Cancer Federations And Inspiring Cancer Patients

Finally, different fundraising events were held in his honor and thus, the total money that was raised for cancer research reached up to 23 million dollars which was formerly around 1.7 million dollars. Terry Fox finally died on 28th of June, 1981. Today is the day when Terry Fox run event was first organized across 760 sites actoss Canada. This event was initially held in his honor and right now, these marathon events happen all across the globe following his request. It occurs right on the second Sunday post the Labor day.

The main motif of this day was to raise funds for cancer federations worldwide. Certainly, he has been a figure of inspiration for everyone around the world, particularly the ones who have been fighting with this life threatening disease, Cancer. Probably, Google is also holding a tribute for him, and thus, trying to acknowledge his contributions to the world. This Marathon of Hope plays a crucial role in providing the zeal to win amongst all the cancer patients, giving them the message that with strong power and determination, they are sure to overcome all the hurdles that are coming along the way, no matter how tough they get! Consequently, it helps the cancer patients to get the will power and not give up the fight.

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