After COVID-19 outbreak in Marlins and Cardinals, MLB has taken strict actions with protocol measures.


After a quiet break due to COVID -19 pandemic situation, US Major League baseball has caught its tune. But suddenly in just two weeks after the start of the season coronavirus has spread in two teams. Due to this MLB has taken a step to make drastic changes in their schedules. Miami Marlins was the first team with 21 positive cases with St. Louis Cardinals 13 positive members, making it to 34 positive cases in MLB personals.

MLB has postponed 22 games since 27th July and changed their current schedules which affected many other teams of MLB. 

Thus, the NBA has set a remarkable example of a Bubble effect because of which none of the players tested positive in their league. But MLB is not agreeing on the same due to the long season and very large team. MLB has revised their schedules last Wednesday and set some protocols to stop it from more spreading.

According to the new protocol of MLB, it threatens to suspend if any member repeatedly violates the rules of safety measures, including failure to wear facemask whenever it is required. Players have to obey the rule of wearing face masks everywhere including hotels, public places, clubhouses if they are not in the game. The new rules even restrict the players from meeting in a hotel room or gathering in public areas without approval from the Team’s compliance officer. Players have to maintain social distancing while they are in group meetings. They are only allowed to have lunch together but without talking to each other.

Players or staff whoever is in Quarantine (or not) they are not allowed to leave their room at any cost without the permission of Compliance officer

Any violation of these rules will lead to Suspension.

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