XBox series S revealed, tagged with a $299 price, Release date estimated

Recently, a tipster has come up with the cheaper variant of X Box series X, known as the XBox Series S. The device popped up on the Twitter recently and the audience have got a first glance of the console which seems to be really brilliant. The one who had made this image viral, has also shared the price tag at $299 which would be roughly around ₹ 22,000 as per the Indian currency.
Xbox series S
According to the rumors, we got to know that the X Box series S will be tipped on 10th of November, 2020. Thus, it is apparent as per the ongoing tumors that the two next generation consoles include the XBox Series S along with a slightly toned version of the same console, commonly being known as the XBox Series S. The image that went viral resembles the console in white shade that is placed right beside a white Xbox controller. The XBox Series S comes with a similar kind of cuboid shape that is pretty much the same as that of the Series X. However, the Series S seems to be smaller than that of the Series X and has a black grill on one of its sides.

A small clip comparing XBox Series S and X Box series C goes viral

Recently, a tipster in the pseudonym of WalkingCat shared a small clip representing the size of XBox Series S and Xbox series X on the Twitter. X Box Series S seems to be a little smaller in terms of height and is slimmer as well, in comparison to that of the X Box series X. According to our sources, it is being claimed that the X Box Series X will cost somewhere around $499 which would be approximately around ₹ 36,800 while the X Box series S will be available for just $299. Furthermore, both the consoles will be available from 10th November, 2020 onwards. The series S will offer a monthly financing option of $25 while the Xbox series X all financing option will be available at $35. So far, Microsoft has only mentioned that the Xbox series X will be launching by November, and no particular date has been announced yet!

Microsoft would probably beat Sony in the race while launching a next generation gaming console

As per the previous leaks, it is apparent that the PlayStation 5 will be released on 20th of November, 2020 and it seems that Microsoft is going to bear Sony in the race of launching a next generation gaming console. The XBox series S comes with high end graphics that is sure to attract the next-gen games. We didn’t hear anything more about the Xbox series S so far, but it is going to be a great alternative for all those who have been looking for great features at a comparatively lower price than that of X box series X. There is a huge buzz all across the internet regarding the XBox series S and we will be updating you as soon as any news comes up!
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