WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Manuscript For Q2 2020 Earnings call


The earning conference call for WWE second quarter 2020 held by the team earlier today afternoon. The recording is available on the official website corporate.

wwe.com/investors posted the earning presentation and all other supporting things with the consideration of all the remarks between the chairman and CEO Vince McMahon as well as Frank Riddick- Interim chief financial officer of WWE.

The conference call followed by almost three rounds as prepared remarks, Q & A round, and lastly call participants. The brilliant team covers the forward-looking statements. However, they have raised topics like current views in WWE that rely on different assumptions and how will the risks and uncertainties in WWE sec fillings. 

The final result could be different and undue reliance doesn’t be overloaded them. Moreover, some matters like non-GAAP financial queries, reconciliation of non-GAAP to GAAP acknowledgment is set forth into earning release of WWE and presentation. 

WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Manuscript For Q2 2020 Earnings call

All the details along with recording will be available on the WWE website. 

WWE has generated a strong financial result throughout a very challenging environment due to the vital cost savings. On the flip side, though the current scenario is not favorable they have generated both scripted and non-scripted content to provide more than one broadcast cable casting channel partners. 

WWE team stated that they are facing the impact of COVID-19 on their business. They have withdrawn previous guidance for the full 2020 year. They are not making any new guidelines as of now. WWE gives attention on making new content for worldwide distribution streaming platforms. 

Additionally, with the target of growing the audience’s attention by using new and exciting tricks they strongly believe that their growth term will stay the same.  WWE is ready and stable to take the entire benefit of the transforming media landscape with the increasing demand for live-sports for a huge-period. 

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