World-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave Juventus for Paris Saint-Germain, however, the transfer paused due to the Pandemic.


France Football has released a report in which Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be keen to leave Juventus to associate with Paris Saint-Germain before Coronavirus Pandemic.

Since last year, Ronaldo was frustrated at the team’s performance, despite winning many games including Champions League Match by 2-1 against Lokomotiv Moscow as per the claims presented in different reports.

That night, Nasser al-Khelaifi (Paris Saint-Germain’s president) was in the room with Ronaldo as per France Football. He could have signed with PSG then and there, as it was speculated that he wanted to play alongside Neymar and Kylian Mbappe to make a best-attacking trio in the history of football.

For more details on Serie A, has something to say: “Ronaldo Wanted To Leave Juventus For PS

However, a tweet fromĀ Juventus News –

@juvefcdotcom on 13th July says a different story: “Cristiano Ronaldo is committed to Juventus and has no interest in the Paris Saint-Germain rumors. [TuttoSport]”

Due to the widespread of the COVID-19 pandemic, things have changed around every player and sport for now. Although Ronaldo 35-year-old seems unhappy being in Juventus, he generally is unhappy with fellow teammates when they don’t perform as per his expectations.

In the meanwhile, PSG has refused from the idea of Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer and informed him too. It can be because PSG is facing some financial crisis and do not want to invest 100 million euros on a 35-year old Portuguese forward.

In 2019-20 season, Ronaldo has won the Italian Championship title for the 2nd time in his career with Juventus, and he ambitions to win it for the 3rd time too, in a row.

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