World Earthquake report: In the mid-Atlantic ridge, and Himachal Pradesh

A natural disaster as Earthquake hit the world with a magnitude of 6.9 in the central Mid-Atlantic ridge during the last evening. Although the earthquake occurred at a distant place that was miles away from the populated regions of the USA. However, the people in the NE coastal areas of Brazil didn’t sense much of it. They could only feel it slightly. The quake happened as a result of the extension due to the plate boundary that separated between the African and South American plates. The region located 3 Km WSW of the South El Monte, CA, USA felt a shallow magnitude of 4.5 quake hit LA at 11.38 PM local time. The epicenter was only 15 km east of LA’s city centre.
People who were located near the epicenter said that they had experienced the moderate to that of strong shake while the ones who were distant from the LA area could just feel slight of this earthquake at their places. As per the sources, this following event was one of the strongest earthquakes in the area in a span of 3 decades. According to the sources, most people did describe that the rattling vibration lasted for around 5 to 10 seconds at a stretch.

Seismologists reviewing the reasons for the earthquake: mid-Atlantic ridge

As per the seismologists, the earthquake was caused due to a movement along the Puente Hills. It is also being said that it is one of the most dangerous regions in the LA. It was all due to a compression for which the two adjacent blocks of the crust on the either side of the fault plane moved partly apart. It further resulted to a curvature in the San Andreas fault. This 6.9 sacle quake didn’t generate any tsunami though! However, the South American and the African plates spreader a little more and the consequence of this event is being estimated as the Atlantic Ocean falling a bit apart, almost a few centimetres wider.

2.8 magnitude earthquake in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh

It was today that an earthquake of 2.8 magnitude on the Richter scale that took place at around 70 kms north of the Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. It occurred at 8.15 AM today morning as reported by the National Center of Seismology. Whatsoever, we cannot escape such situations and we have no other option but to deal with such natural calamities. Also, regarding this particular event, no casualties have been informed so far!
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