Will Triple H retire from WWE or be on the throne of the CEO?


WWE has entertained us for decades now and it is hard to see 5 top superstars of WWE are going to retire in 2020. One of them is Triple H. (Paul Michael Levesque is known by the ring name Triple H) After Signing with World Wrestling Federation now known as WWE, Paul has become Hunter Hearst Helmsley in-short he is known as Triple H.

Triple H’s wrestling career had started in the year 1992 and he signed up with WWE in the year 1995. After a quiet time of 4 years in 1999 Triple H was able to get his first WWF championship. He has won a number of championships in his career later-on. He has voluntarily offered his service for behind the stage for WWE. His business acumen has been praised for behind the scenes work. Now he emerges as a corporate figure on the WWE stage.

Triple H is married to WWE’s CEO Vinci McMahon’s daughter Stephanie, which makes Triple H already the next-gen CEO after his father-in-law’s retirement. So according to the rumors, it is heard that Triple H would take a semi-retirement.

We can consider his complete retirement from his wrestling career, but he would not cease his association with it ever. As his entire family seems to be related to WWE league, it is quite inseparable for Triple H now.

As Triple H performs the most pivotal role by helping other superstars to play in the rings, help in getting the ratings for RAW and he performs on television.

Triple H is already a legend now. The real question is whether he would retire completely from WWE or would get into the throne of WWE as CEO?

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