Wilfried Zaha, the star of Premier League admits to being scared to open Instagram due to many racist comments targeted on him.


Since the restart of games across the globe, many players are facing racism over there performances in different sports.

A 12-year-old boy was arrested for racial comments on Crystal Palace forward via Instagram and many other cases are emerging which surely portrays the hatred of people against fellow humans of a different race.

Black footballers are now constantly facing racism from one social media platform to another. There is no fun left for them to use Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, as there are quite certain that after the match they will receive many such hate messages.

As per Zaha’s comment, the same 12-year-old boy has contacted 3 more players of his team and abused them. Zaha had reported like 50 other accounts from where he got racial abuse.

As per the announcement from Facebook and Instagram last week, They are setting up a team to fight against the racial bias and would include the measures to do so in their algorithms.

Wilfred Zaha, the star of Premier League admits to being scared to open Instagram due to many racist comments targeted on him.

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Here is a BBC news, which will help you to dive more into this:


As per a spokesperson from Facebook, “Racism is not tolerated on Facebook and Instagram, When we find content that breaks our guidelines we will remove it and we will ban those who repeatedly break the rules.”

Following this mechanism, they have also employed a new safety feature for public figures, which will allow them not to receive any message from unknown people. At Facebook, they take the racial issue seriously and invest billions of dollars in people and technology. Meanwhile, Twitter has suspended 300 accounts and took action against 6000+ abuse and hateful content.

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