Why is the U.S. government allowing bears, wolves to be hunted in their dens?


    Last weekend, on August 1, wolf hunting season started in Alaska, and many hunters are killing nursing wolves with their pups in numerous national preserves. Besides, when black bear hunting season will arrive in October, hunters will target female bears who will be settling down for hibernation with their cubs in Gates of the Arctic National Preserve and Denali National Preserve. We are shocked about why the US is still allowing such immoral practices?

    Who has raised their voices against this legal game?

    Now, banned practices like baiting bears with popcorns, doughnuts, or other human food will be allowed in national preserves in Alaska. On June 9, a rule was passed by the National Park Service stating that the US government won’t stop hunters from using their methods of hunting in national preserves in Alaska. However, officials haven’t granted permission for such controversial methods in certain national preserves.

    However, the new rule will open the state’s ten preserves to allow such practices. Eddie Grasser, director of the division of wildlife conservation said that they see this as more of an alignment of regulations between the state and the Park Service. Many scientists, animal advocates, and wildlife managers criticized this stating that it is cruelty to animals and goes against the National Park Service’s conservation mission not only in Alaska but also all over the United States.

    William Ripple, an ecologist at Oregon State University and others raised their voices. Ripple said that this rule exploits the wildlife in federally protected areas. He is also concerned that some wildlife managers and biologists are scared that this rule could encourage other states to open their nationally protected preserves to these practices.

    As we all know, Alaska has seen a rise in hunters killing bears in recent decades. But, national park services like preserves, forests, monuments, and refugees are mostly for enjoyment by the American public, and such practices will leave these places damaged for future generations. Also, people pay taxes for its management and maintenance to the government.

    These days, we have seen a decline in numerous animals, including wolves and bears that mostly prey on deer, caribou, and moose. The state has also implemented certain plans to kill predators like wolves, by allowing the hunters to use helicopters to gather them into an open space and shoot them. Besides, the killing of brown bears has increased from 850 to 1,700 from 1980 to 2013 respectively.


    Bears and wolves are the key predators, who belong in the top category of the food chain. They help to function and balance the ecosystems. So killing them might create a major problem for the environment. And removing the predators might change and disrupt everything. The government should take the necessary steps to stop such activities before it’s too late for us. Stay tuned for more updates.

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