Who Is Enola Holmes? Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s New Movie


    Who is Enola Holmes? everyone right now might be searching for this answer right now. Well, Netflix have welcomed a new original movie in the middle of this week and that is undoubtedly going to be in the Netflix’s top 10 movie chart soon and has already set the social media on fire.

    Enola Holmes

    This movie would be about the  teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes, based on the story of a book composed by Nancy Springer, that is basically a complete series indeed. And if we can see some sequels are awaited to come after the end of this film then it won’t gonna be so much surprising for the audience.

    Who are the leading characters of Enola Holmes

    The most funniest part of this movies is that this movie has been casted with not just the top stars but literally the top 2 stars of Netflix. When stranger things is the part of ensemble then Millie Bobby Brown must be the main character of this movie as Eleven and Henry Cavill will be going to lead of The Witcher as Geralt. But this fact does not needed to be funny because these are the top two stars from the Netflix’s top two original series as listed by their own popularity movie chart since 2019.

    henry cavill

    • Stranger Things 3
    • The Witcher
    • The Umbrella Academy
    • Dead to Me
    • You: Season 2
    • When They See Us
    • Unbelievable
    • Sex Education
    • 13 Reasons Why: Season 3
    • Raising Dion

    What is Going to be the Outcome of this movie?

    While talking about Elona Holmes, obviously Millie Bobby Brown will be outshining Henry Cavill, although he will be characterized as a side role of Sherlock and have nothing much to put in this movie. But still it is not his fault.

    The main story that is going be come out from this movie is about Millie Bobby Brown. Overall the movie is okay because the central Mistry of this movie is very poor and easily solvable. That might take few minutes to get solved after watching a two hour movie. Which is the proper significance of a good Holmes mystery.

    Brown herself is an actual star and the fact that has been appeared that she has not given herself the proper chance to shine by perusing this character. Does she able to fit herself with stranger things? the question remains. Certainly, its true that she plays such roles that are practically mute for early seasons but still she has to act like a teenage girl well below her age because of being raised in the labs. That actually goes beyond of her limit.

    Recently she has acted in some different roles in the movies like Godzilla buy Enola Holmes is the specific movie that allows her to express her complete personality and to show-off her biggest assets of acting. She is funny! undoubtedly she is very much funny, but most of time we see that funny characters does not execute well in the strange things. But here is Enola Holmes; where we will be able to see how nicely she can put her acting essence throughout this movie. However, this role also allows her to explore something beyond the scope of eleven.

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