What’s new in this updated version of Microsoft office?

Microsoft has recently confirmed that a perpetual license is soon to arrive by the second half of the year 2021 wherein it shall serve as a replacement to the Office 2019. The most amazing thing about this version is that it doesn’t require a subscription. Hence, the users can easily avail it without having to bang their heads. Whatsoever, it is also revealed that certain services such as Netflix might call for a subscription, all due to its constant flow of new contents, but it is not a mandate for Microsoft suite. Certainly, paying for using just the word processor, or may be the spreadsheet doesn’t suit anyone and everyone, and that’s the reason for which Microsoft has finally come up with a latest version for itself.
A lot of people still don’t seem to mind using the Office 2019 which was released back during the year 2018. It was not prominent whether people would go on with this 2019 version or they could probably expect a new one coming up. However, Microsoft has confirmed the story in one of its recent posts, saying that the users can expect a new release popping up for both the Windows as well as Mac by the mid of 2021. Although the post did not reveal much about the name, price or availability regarding concerns of this new version, we cannot make any commitment about it right now.

Microsoft announces Cloud for Healthcare

Microsoft has recently announced about the availability of the Cloud for Healthcare. Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 are particularly designed to assist the health organizations in various ways to manage their operations in this Covid 19 situation when things seem to have gone out of control. Microsoft has even declared that all the eligible customers and partners under this plan can choose to sign up for the service by the end of the month of October. As per the sources, and controversies around, it seems as if Cloud For Healthcare is basically nothing but just a competitor to that of Google Cloud Healthcare API.
In this pandemic situation, millions of patients are seen to wait for hours, and only then are they able to see the concerned medical practitioners. These studies have further influenced the tech giants such as Facebook and IBM to partner with the government and the private industry to come up with chat-bot based solutions. It also offers data collection provisions from medical services in order to help the teams about monitoring the patients, both within and also outside the clinical facilities. Definitely, this particular provision is useful to the users as they also offer insights to the teams for escalating care as per the requirements, and also to reduce re-admissions.

Microsoft working with top organizations

Microsoft has revealed that it has been working in close space with Accenture, Allscripts, DXC Technology, Adaptive Biotechnologies, KPMG, Innovaccer and Nuance to come up with custom solutions that would meet requirements of the users, further assuring the contextualization of the physician-patient conversations.

Virtual commutes, custom layouts and breakout rooms from Microsoft

Microsoft says that if has been looking forward to meet the requisites of the mental health of the users along with other tools. Microsoft came up with some new features in order to enhance the meeting experiences of the users.
Virtual commutes: Through the “virtual commutes” feature, the users can now schedule a virtual commute at the start and the end of each working day. This will give them a contentment and make them feel absolutely like before!
Meditation  breakouts: Meditation breakouts is yet another feature that allows the employees to schedule mindful meditation sessions wherein they can meditate in between a long and tiring work day to get rid of the stress. This would, in turn, help them in enhancing the productivity after hours of focus time.
Together mode: Another interesting feature is the Together Mode from Microsoft that uses the AI technology or Artificial Intelligence to scale and center the participants in a meeting, thus, providing them with the virtual seats so that they feel as if they are working right at their office’s workstation.
Custom layouts: With the dynamic view, Microsoft uses AI technology to help the users present their screen or any PowerPoint presentation at ease.
Other than this, there are several other features including that of meeting recording provision, file sharing, and chatting, all that were earlier available in Zoom and Google Meets.
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