What are the New Features Expected From the Upcoming Snapdragon 875


Qualcomm is probably planning to bring their next gen processor, snapdragon 875 very soon. With revolutionary change in the mobile world, the techy generation now have reached to a state where they are almost ready to perform any kind of process and graphic intensive work you throw at them. Basically the smartphones are existing as the power houses of this generation. The new generation processors are making the task more easy and the snapdragon 875 is not an exception.

snapdragon 875 5G

The all new processor is going to come with significant improvements like 5nm process that is making it smaller than the 7nm predecessor. So We can expect that Snapdragon 875 is now going to come at the end of this year. Here’s everything you should know about the upcoming processor and what kind of awesome features it is going bring with the next gen smartphones.

Core Structure of Snapdragon 875

5nm process that is making it smaller than the 7nm predecessor. So as We can expect that Snapdragon 875 is now going to come Most of the time we have often seen that 5 nm chipsets are almost 20 percent more work efficient and 25 percent smaller than the 7nm Socs. Obviously it is fixed that the performance is going to hell lot better than the the Snapdragon 865 processor and the current ongoing flagship processor 865 plus. Now the information that is coming up from the company is saying that the all-new SoC is going to use the ARM cortex-X1 super core, that is quite excited.

This stunning technology will give the chipset a clear speed advantage of more than 30 percent as comparing to the other chipsets, using ARM cortex A77, which I think is also better than the phones, including the cortex A78 core processors.

Who is Going to be the Manufacturer?

Qualcomm has been situated on taiwan’s TSMC for getting it’s flagship mobile processors manufactured. The Samsung electronics company have got the contact in 2016 to manufacture the Snapdragon 820 so far. Depending on the reports given by Qualcomm, this time the manufacturing contract of Snapdragon 875 has been given Samsung electronics once again.

It sounds like the contract value for the this chipset is set between $850 million to $1 million and it has been already produced in a very large numbers by using the extreme Hwaseong, in the Gyeonggi provinces. Basically it expresses the moral vin to the Samsung electronics who is currently working on its 5 nm chipset processor.

Competitors on the Go

As mentioned on the above, Snapdragon 875 processors is going to have a ample firepower and will have the ability to fight against the A14 bionic chip. The most recent performance stats of the A14 bionic processor of Apple have marked a tidy gain over the A13 bionic chip, when we talk about the GPU and CPU performances. This shows basically the Apple has made the A14 chip a step advanced as compared to the A13 bionic chip.

 While Snapdragon 875 is going to be more bigger footpace from the 865 series chipsets.
After all there is Samsung’s own exynos 2100 SoC that will be built up over 5nm core architecture. Processor in all formations will use the cortex A78 cores but not the cortex X1 cores with better performance. This makes a pretty huge advantage for Snapdragon 875 as exynos was not at equality with the other Snapdragon versions in their very own Samsung flagship phones that uses Snapdragon chipsets in some regions of the all over world.

All the Phones Associated with Snapdragon 875

The competition have been begun already to get the best and latest SoC of 2021. Resources are saying that vivo and Xiaomi are the only brands that will introduce the 875 chipsets on their smartphones for the very first time. Xiaomi Mi 20, I think that’ll be the name instead of Xiaomi Mi 11. And the redmi K40 pro along with under camera display technology can be the first device to have Snapdragon 875 on it. This particular chipset also be seen in the Samsung s21 series smartphones that might be revealed in February 2021.

According to the recent updates of Qualcomm, they have collaborated with Asus to introduce Snapdragon 875 processor powered gaming phones associated with Qualcomm. The Phone might be making its debut on early 2021. So it would be very much amazing to be the first ever device to Get introduced with the all new chipset. It can also be happen that Qualcomm would love to bring this phone in the market with a USP having the Snapdragon 875.

Expected Price and Time of the Launch

The event the world has shaken up the entire industry due to covid-19. Though Qualcomm has decided to release its next flagship processor. Invitations has been sent by the Qualcomm for the tech summit digital 2020 event as per the dates mentioned by the company of December 1-2, 2020. Although there is no indications of the company is going to reveal its next Snapdragon 875 SoC depending on the the specific term mentioned on the invitation mail which is “premium tire mobile performance”

Users might not have doubts that 875 SoC will be emerged with a lot of power at its exposal and that will cost a premium price. The complete package of this processor along with the 5G modem is utter to be around $250 that is almost $100 more than the the 865 series. This is the overall cost revealed by the manufacturer. So you can already imagine that how much a phone could cost, while associating with this powerful SoC. However nothing is confirmed about the pricing yet but we all have to wait until and official confirmation comes from Qualcomm.

Moreover, Snapdragon 765G SoC has been succeeded in the mid range territory, but there is also 775G still in progress. The chipset will include a 6 nm core architecture and will explore a lot more things as a mid range chipset. It will support 120Hz refresh rate, 256GB UFS and 12GB LPDDR5 RAM. This chipset will get introduced in 2021, little bit later the release of its big brother SoC 875.

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