US President Trump and First Lady Tested Positive for Corona Virus


The top sources of USA is saying that, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump has been tested positive for Covid-19 corona virus while having mild symptoms. This news has made a tense situation across the nation just one month before the presidential election.

Donald Trump tested positive

Since the beginning of this year president trump was busy handling the deadly threats created because of corona virus that caused deaths of almost 205,000 Americans. Trump and First lady said that they have been quarantined already. The white house physician said, the president is expected to continue all his duties without any disruption while being recovered. A white house official has informed on friday morning that trump has been experiencing mild symptoms as well as working from the white house residence.

What Impact Trump’s Covid Report Made on US Government?

The new of trump’s diagnosis report of being positive have increased the concerns for the US people and the all over world too. Generally the question remains that how far virus has been spread across the working officials of US government? Top sources are saying that a very aide of white house who had traveled with trump during this week has also been tested positive.

On today morning, president trump has posted a tweet that says, he has been tested positive for Covid-19 at FLOTUS and they are going to begin the quarantine and recovery process as soon as possible and all of them will be get out of this very soon.

 Mike Pence, the vice president of USA and his wife fortunately have been tested negative for the virus on friday morning and currently he is in a good health condition, as informed by his spokesman.

Many high administration officials of the White House has been going through proper test from Friday morning. But the complete report of how the virus may have spread to the people who were closely around the president may not be known for some more time. As it take some time for an infection to be detected by a test. The medical unit and the high officials are trying hard to trace the President’s contacts as reported by the sources.

 Trump was seen for the last time when was returning to the White House on thursday evening and He did not seem like he is ill. President is 74 years old and this fact is putting him in higher risk of complications because of the virus that have infected around 7 million people nationwide. The president’s personal physician said in a report that Trump and the First Lady who is around 50 years old, is in a good condition right now and there is nothing to worry about. Their plan is to remain in home within the White House Premises during this quarantine period.

The diagnosis of a positive report of this virus have marked a devastating blow for the US president who had been trying so hard to convince the people pf USA that the worst part of this worldwide pandemic is still behind them. This news seemed to force him off the Champaign trail just few weeks before the election and pushing his participation in the second presidential debate that have been scheduled for October 15 in Miami.



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