US Major League Baseball Season Roiled By COVID-19 Postponements.


As you know, the current pandemic situation has interrupted and delayed many sports worldwide, even many are forced to cancel and postpone major events including Japan Olympics 2020.

U.S. sports have almost gone for a toss. National League Baseball season was supposed to open with 162 games during March, which has been postponed due to the outbreak in the US. 

Keeping the current condition in mind, NLB was scheduled to start from last Thursday on 30th July with 60 games in Washington. But ran into issues due to a sudden outbreak of coronavirus positive cases amongst the different teams. 

It’s less than a week into the season and test results of many players came positive. Miami Merlin players were test 1st, where several members were found positive for Covid-19. By now there are almost 20 positive cases for Miami and 18 are team players which leads to the temporary suspension for the team.

US Major League Baseball Season Roiled By COVID-19 Postponements.

St. Louis Cardinals were the 2nd team who are tested positive. They have 1 player and 3 staff members who were found positive on 30th July, leading them into suspending their weekend series with Milwaukee Brewers. By 3rd Aug the numbers in the team have grown by 13 members where 7 were Team players. 

They had to suspend their upcoming series with the Detroit Tigers.

Due to this, NLB has rescheduled and called off many games that majorly impacting several teams. They will soon announce a new update sheet for the games. Games will be played without an audience for the safety of everyone.

Last Saturday Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that The MLB season would move forward and they will not quite MLB 2020 season.  

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