US Intel report on Russia could undercut Trump’s hopes for Durham probe


As per the US intelligence assessment, Russia’s interference in the 2020 election favors President Donald Trump. Reportedly Russia is attempting to disparage former vice president and presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Bidder. This report could shatter Trump’s hopes from prosecutor John Durham to discredit the origins of the FBI’s Russia investigation of the 2016 election campaign.

Even in American Intel received and information from a Russian Informant n 2014 that Russia had intentions to conduct cyberattacks on the 2016 American election. 

The source reported that Russians entered America under false simulations and forged passports. Following such reports, both Democratic and Republic campaigns were instructed by the FBI to immediately notify in the case of any contact, suspicion, or any unusual activity. 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller III conducted an investigation on the same and after the efforts of 2 years, he concluded and submitted his investigation report to Attorney General Bill Barr in March 2019.  

William Evanina, election security official for the intelligence community stated that Russia is making extreme attempts to hurt Biden and on the other hand Iran and China are making efforts to damage trump. 

Senator Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat stated on Thursday that the Intelligence services need to reach a final investigation soon to understand what Russians are up to and who is acting on behalf of them. Democrats claim that Russian interference intends to damage Biden’s campaign which will help President Trump. 

On the other hand, Republicans discarded any such claims saying that there is not sufficient evidence to suggest any such interference. 


The intelligence committee is currently taking cautious measures to address foreign election interference and is publicly addressing the questions relating to the same. With the latest information on Russia’s interference in the 2020 election chances are high that John Durham will be even stricter with his actions and investigation relating to the 2016 election campaign interference.

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