U.S. Women’s Pro Indoor Volleyball League has already enlisted Trio from Golden Gophers.


The United States is going to launch New Women’s indoor Volleyball League in the upcoming year in February 2021.

USA volleyball has finally sanctioned Athletes Unlimited Volleyball and will be featuring 40 of the World’s best volleyball players and they will also include U. S. National teams, professional players as well as recent NCAA graduates who were in 30 game seasons.

NCAA has a division name called Minnesota Golden Gophers volleyball. The trio from Golden Gophers alumni Erica Handley, Molly Lohman, and Paige Tapp will be among the 48 players for the Women’s pro-Indoor Volleyball League. It has a scheduled date from 26th Feb to 24th April in 2021 and place will be Nashville, Tenn.

The Trio has previous international volleyball experience. Handley has already completed her 4th year of international volleyball series, Lohman has completed her 2nd year of volleyball experience and Tapp has recently returned to her professional volleyball after a year gap. She last played with Germany and was a part of USA volleyball. Tapp and Handley both are graduated from Minnesota Golden Gophers in 2016 and Lohman has graduated from there in 2017.

There had been multiple attempts to start Women’s Volleyball league, Man’s volleyball league, or even co-ed pro league.

Finally, they get approval for the Women’s pro Volleyball league. Since an athlete unlimited model is very different, there will not be any owner or manager.

The 48 players would be divided into 4 different teams each will be having captains and 4 different color uniforms. In the game, individual players’ statistics, as well as team points, will be compiled. At the end of each week, the top 4 players according to their points will name as captain and they can pick their team members.

This is going to be a very interesting match with different rules and regulations.

Please stay tuned to get a new update on the game.

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