Twitter geo-tagging resolved, J&K under China

Something or the other goes on happening across the social media platforms almost daily and today, the Twitter seemed to be under fire as it had shown Jammu and Kashmir as a part of the China territory. Certainly, this raged in bursting the national sentiments wherein a major controversy got into the picture and it has erupted after the Twitter India has shown Jammu and Kashmir as a place under the Peoples Republic of China as per the social media timelines.
This matter was raised Kanchan Gupta, Distinguished Fellow, Observer Research Foundation (ORF) after tweets showed J&K as a part of China. Gupta wrote tagging Telecom and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, “So @Twitter has decided to reconfigure geography and declare Jammu & Kashmir as part of People`s Republic of #China . If this is not a violation of #India laws, what is? Citizens of India have been punished for far less. But US Big Tech is above the law?”.

Tweets from users on Twitter after this incident

A lot of netizens had even asked Prasad as well as the government to take actions against the Twitter India for this case. Gupta further mentioned it in a other tweet saying, “No @Twitter this is not a freak happenstance.” A netizen had even said, “@Twitter @TwitterIndia so according to you Leh is a part of People`s Republic of China.” A netizen said asking Prasad to action, “Kindly look into this and take action appropriately. It`s high time that these social media giants be held accountable for their stupidity.” Another user had mentioned, “Please take cognizance of this serious matter and take necessary action against @TwitterIndia. They cannot take Indian sovereignty for granted. Don`t let them normalize this misadventure.”
twitter j&k
Thus, it is extremely important to make sure that we stay aware about the posts that we upload on our social media and the kinds of captions we pose. This is essential to ensure that we are no way circulating any sort of wrong information which may hinder our national sentiments by any chance. This is the reason for which there is always a check and cross check of the information for easy understanding, and assuring the fact that no information that is released to the public is hindering the entire community by any chance.
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