Trump wants to force a ban or sale of TikTok. Here is what political activists on the platform are saying


President Donald Trump has given 90 days deadline to Chinese company ByteDance to sell or spin off its U.S assets.

Trump targets TikTok again with new executive order

Trump claimed that he has credible evidence to believe that the Chinese parent company of TikTok “might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States.”

With the executive orders released on Friday, an investigation has begun on Byte Dance’s acquisition of in 2017 and its merger with TikTok.

Although TikTok was not built as a political platform however young social media content creators have made it a political hub.

In June this year, certain users circulated videos claiming that they intend to book tickets to the president’s rally in Oklahoma and then never show up. This movement reportedly resulted in smaller than expected turnout.

One of the TikTok creators Leo Scheck said that the TikTok ban is aimed to control the group of people who are actively noxious to the president’s re-election campaign.

As per the executive orders, TikTok can be banned if it isn’t sold within the timeframe of 90 days. Trump administration said that they are concerned about whether ByteDance is harvesting data from Americans.

Since the orders have been passed, Microsoft has expressed interest in buying the app and even Twitter is under discussion of a possible acquisition.

If the app is bought by any of these U.S companies within the time limit then the ban could be lifted. The orders also suggest that ByteDance should divest itself of any data obtained or derived from American TikTok users.

Historically American youth hasn’t been very active in voting however social media influence is recent past has certainly attracted youth to be more actively involved in politics.

Now that young people are actively involved in politics, they would easily find any platform to express political opinions.

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