Travis Scott McDonald’s merchandising is getting bigger!

Travis Scott McDonald’s has made the foodies go crazy, so much so that everyone is looking forward to see this celebrity meal right after Michael Jordan in the year 1992. This Houston is certainly popular in his genre and recently, he has added yet another point in his list of talents. If we go back and start recollecting, we shall find that the last celebrity to get his name scribbled on a meal was none other than Michael Jordan and that too, around 28 years ago.
travis scott mcdonald
Travis Scott recently ushered at a McDonald’s in Downey, Calif on 8th of September, 2020. The restaurants of the franchise around the US carried the $6 menu item in a national campaign featuring Travis as an ideal figure. However, Scott dropped a new merchandise collection recently and it seems to be paying a homage to the vintage visuals of the brand’s history. The expected apparel (T-shirts, hoodies, shorts) along with a few unusual offerings like a $90 Chicken McNugget body pillow and a $45 retro metal lunch box, were all adorned with Scott’s Cactus Jack calling card were held for the items on sale.
travis scott mcdonald's
The 28-year-old rapper appeared in action figure form (a nod to his 2015 debut album “Rodeo”) with impeccable details including his standout chains and Cactus Jack Jordans. Not just this, but alongside Scott as well as the Cactus Jack team have come up with new uniforms that are meant for the McDonald’s staff all across the nation. The huge mob in Downey greeted Scott who seem to be waiting all day long in the queue to have a taste of his new combo meal: a Quarter Pounder with cheese, lettuce, bacon, pickles, mustard, ketchup, medium fries with a BBQ sauce as a dip held along with a doze of sprite.

Travis Scott McDonald’s meal release is buzzing all around the internet:

Now that Travis Scott McDonald’s meal is buzzing the internet, we are all curious to know this rapper even more! I hope, you all must be aware of Travis who happens to be a rapper and a record producer. He is an on-and-off boyfriend to Kylie Jenner and is the ‘dad’ to Stormo. Well, this ‘Sicko Modo’ rapper is a great fan of McDonald’s. However, the $6 meal that McDonald has made available happens to be a limited edition and everyone seems to go crazy about it. A lot of people have been sharing their opinions and feedback regarding it on the social media. A good number of posts and memes have also been up! You would certainly love to have a glance of all that are available out on the social media. Certainly, they have become the masters of branding, and that’s the sole reason that when I got to hear about the latest Collab of Scott with the fast good chain, I too, liked it!

Travis Scott happy meal toy ad went viral:

Recently, the ad featuring Travis Scott went viral wherein he boys showing a happy meal toy of himself along with the combo, touting it to be “same order since back in Houston.” Now, it has raised a question to one and all that whether this endorsement is going to draw back the customers to eating at home during the quarantine, or if Brian Cox’s voice-over ad campaign would not excite much of the today’s young generation. This has become a matter of doubt now, and everyone seems to be running after finding an answer to it. If you are equally excited as me, I would rather suggest you to go down the streets and look for a McDonald’s counter so that you may place an order at the earliest, or wait, I do not want you to go a long way and come back all over again with a disappointment. Not all the stores have had the Travis Scott McDonald’s meal available with them. The best way out is to have the McDonald app downloaded right now on your device so that you can search about which all stores have made it available, and accordingly, you can go and enjoy the delight of this yummy, tasty Travis Scott McDonald’s meal.
travis scott mcdonalds
If you go straight to Travis Scott’s official website, you will be able to find 24 graphic t-shirts, all of which have McDonald’s clip art including a shirt that honors the $1 McDonald’s apple pie. This shows that Scott is always having something or the other when it comes to sweets. If you are a noob and is going to visit his website for the first time ever in your life, you might find the words, “Cactus Jack” all around! Well, let me tell you that it is the name of Scott’s record label and that’s his nickname as well. His legal name though, is Jacques Webster.
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