Top 10 most-watched streamers on Twitch in July


    Nowadays, Twitch has become a great platform for millions of users worldwide. From various competitions to multiple streamers playing numerous games, one can find a lot of content every month. 

    We are here to reveal which streamers were most watched in July 2020. The list of top 10 streamers who dominated in July is listed below. 

    1. Félix “xQc” Lengyel (Canada)

    Felix xQc Lengyel has acquired the first spot among the top 10 list. Also known as the Gaming Warlord, he daily streams for ten hours a day and will play anything and everything. He has 40,000 average viewers on his channel.

    1. Jens “TheRealKnossi” Knossalla (Germany)

    Last month, TheRealKnossi went along with top German personalities on a 72-hour adventure and camping trip into the woods. Over 280,000 concurrent viewers were present in his Angelcamp event.

    1. Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff (USA)

    The leading Call of Duty: Warzone streamer ranked no. 3 in Twitch. At the beginning of 2020, he had 14,000 viewers, but now he has 43,000 viewers daily. If his trend continues, then he might become the no. 1 streamer on Twitch.

    1. Zack “Asmongold” (USA)

    In July, Asmongold had over 40,000 viewers on Twitch. He streamed the Blizzard classic online role-playing game for 140 hours.

    1. Alexandre “Gaules” Borba (Brazil)

    Gaules is the leading streamer in Brazil. During his important matches with rivals, he crosses over 300,000 concurrent viewers. We can expect him to rank no. 1 position in August 2020.

    Top 10 most-watched streamers on Twitch in July

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    1. Raúl “AuronPlay” Álvarez Genes (Spain)

    Currently, AuronPlay’s main game is Grand Theft Auto V, and he has 71,000 average viewers within 85 on Twitch. Along with the top Spanish streamers, he has taken to Grand Theft Auto V’s expansive role-playing game. 

    1. Timothy “TimTheTatman” John Betar (USA)

    We have seen a huge growth in TimTheTatman’s viewers. In 2015, he had 10,000 average viewers, but he broke that record in 2016 and continued his progress in 2017 and 2018. He currently has 20,000 average viewers daily.

    1. Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp (USA)

    In July, Tyler1 played League of Legends for 211 hours on Twitch. 

    1. Bruno “Nobru” (Brazil)

    In one of the tournaments of Free Fire World Series 2019, Nobru and his other teammates won the game where Nobru was the MVP. Since then, he has become a great personality on twitch. In July 2020, he had 33,000 average viewers. Besides, Free Fire, he was found role-playing in GTA V with other famous personalities.

    1. Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar (USA)

    Just like xQc, summit1g likes to pick interesting and new games without losing their viewers. In July, he was seen streaming some of his favorites games such as role-playing in GTA V. He also spent 190 hours in The Elder Scrolls Online.

    So these were the top 10 streamers of July. We will get back to you soon with another list by the end of August 2020. Stay tuned for more updates.

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