TikTok and WeChat banned in US in the next 48 hours


TikTok ban has raged a huge amount of turmoil among the residents across the world. There seems to be a huge turmoil all around, particularly among the US residents this time as Trump came up with a new statement all over again. It was quite evident that TikTok grew up to be really popular among everyone, more specifically the youngsters and now this news regarding the app’s ban has made everyone discover the reason behind it. Not just TikTok, WeChat, a messaging app is also announced to be banned.


China recently slammed the US for safeguarding its companies. China has announced the fact that it will take necessary counter measures as Washington banned the downloads of the Chinese video sharing application. Tensions seem to rise between China and the US which finally led to their battle in the tech field as well. In a statement released today itself, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said this on the decision of the US to ban TikTok and WeChat from the app stores yesterday: “China urges the US to abandon bullying, cease its wrongful actions and earnestly maintain fair and transparent international rules and order.” However, the US Department of Commerce had announced these bans in regard to the executive orders that were signed by the US President Donald Trump last month wherein he had clearly mentioned that these two Chinese owned apps seem to pose a threat to the national security.

This issue was not just addressed on TikTok but at the same time, the Tencent based WeChat app would lose its functionality in the US from Sunday onward. The main motif was that the TikTok users will no longer be permitted to install updates to the app. However, they may still choose to continue using the service through 12th of November. According to the orders released on Friday, Trump seemed to be pressurising the ByteDance to sell the US operations to a domestic organization to satisfy the concerns over the data collection concerns and other related issues to TikTok. According to our sources, we got to know that Oracle, the California tech giant has recently struck a deal with TikTok. The details aren’t confirmed about it though! The Chinese Ministry of Commerce had not mentioned any particular foreign entities so far.

TikTok now files lawsuit against Donald Trump

TikTok filed a lawsuit against the US arninistration and on Donald Trump challenging the government’s decisions to ban TikTok. Donald Trump administration had announced a ban wherein they were restricted from downloading the TikTok and WeChat, another messaging app from 20th of September, 2020 onward. It was until Friday night that TikTok and ByteDance filed a complaint asking a federal judge from Washington requesting about preventing the government from enacting this ban. Further, the lawsuit reveals an allegation against Donald Trump that he imposed the ban for political reasons and the fact that this following action of the President would harm the entire online community and thus, prevent them from expressing their own selves.
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