Thousands of People are Demanding Covid-19 Restrictions in Central London


A huge number of crowd has been gathered at London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday to protest for the lockdown and social distancing rules, just to restrict the speedy growth of Covid-19.

Crowd in London For Covid-19

All the demonstrators who were present, have been warned to follow the social distancing rules by the metropolitan police of London. It is said that the police was instructed to reach out to the crowd first, then to engage the social distancing rules. And if protestors fail to maintain the rules they will take the enforcement action. But honestly nothing goes like the pre-planning. when the protest began, police were seen not confronting the protestors while presenting at the edge of that huge crowd. Most of the protestors were not even wearing masks.

How Did Covid-19 hit the People of London?

Cmdr. Ade Adelekan said, he knows that the regulations are bit frustrating, but there is nothing to do about that. They all are directed to keep everyone away from this deadly virus called Covid-19. By frequently gathering in huge numbers and not maintaining the social distancing, the people of London are putting themselves and their loved one’s life at risk.

The accomplishment reached the parliament for reviewing the Covid-19 rules and regulations as soon as possible. The government have destined new restrictions to control the spreading of Covid-19 virus. Some of the renowned lawmakers are criticizing the government for imposing the new regulations, without the approval of parliament.

The presented speakers at the rally did not accept that they are conspiracy theorists. Instead they were demanding that they were standing for the freedom of expression and human rights.

Leadership trainer Dan Astin-Gregory said, he have acknowledged all the deaths and sufferings caused by the worldwide pandemic. But the response to the Covid-19 have gone out of proportion because of threat created by the disease. He also said “we all are tired of the fear floating in our eyes and the misrepresentations of the facts.” He proclaimed to the crowd, “we all are really tired to of the restrictions to our freedom”.

Heightened Steps Taken to Stop the Spread of Covid-19 in UK.

Earlier this week, government have announced a curfew at 10 p.m. on the bars and the restaurants all over the nation. Along with highly protected face masks and excess amount of fine for non co-operation. This curfew also include the ban of public gatherings of more than six people. But there is a demobilization of protests as long as the organizers have submitted a risk assessment and act in accordance with social distancing. This particular demonstration took place after a week of the same kind of event where thousands of people gathered at the iconic square. According to the statement of the police some of the police officers were hurt because small number of protestors became violent for a while.

Britain has the highest number deaths in Europe, with nearly about 42,000 confirmed deaths directly related to the Covid-19. Numbers of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths have been increased very fast in the recent weeks.

While talking about the worldwide Covid-19 rules and regulations, several government have secured different ways to subjugate the rate of infection regarding this deadly disease. On Monday, a quarter of the 65 million population of UK will be maintaining these high intensity restrictions.


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