These Google Home Guides will Save you from Voice Match annoyance


Most of the time nowadays, it is seen that google home is facing some issues while figuring out who is speaking; whenever you will speak to it. Here’s how can you fix this problem very easily.

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With the great progress of machine learning, artificial intelligence is something that came forward to make our lives more delightful with its awesome features. Google home is one the devices that has been introduced to us by Google and became very popular all over the world in a very little amount of time. So google home basically is a AI based device that is more like a friend; maybe even better. It catches up an user’s favorite songs, movies, grocery list and even the all-day schedule of an individual. And the most important thing that exceeds all of these stunning features is that, it can recognize someone’s voice. Google home uses the voice match technology to recognize who is speaking to it and try deliver personalized information as per the user’s requirement. So if you are not using this awesome device then you should give a try. Especially if you like to hang out with others.

 Voice match technology is a very advanced technology that is being used her by the google. It provides you the access of your personal information while still allowing the other people and guests in your home to use google home. But in recent times, some complaints have came out regarding this voice match facility and some people are saying that it does not work properly. However, there exists couple of pitfalls that you will want to avoid with voice match, the workarounds are fair enough and totally worth it.

 If you eagerly want to use the voice match feature on your google home and try to set the perfect using experience for everyone then here’s how to do it.

How to Train Google Home Right?

Before you opt to enable the voice match on your google home, you have to carefully teach your voice to the google home. If you somehow skip this step, then nothing will work properly. Most of the process is very much easy, so there is nothing to worry about. First of all the google home app will ask you some different phrases and then analyze your voice and create your voice fingerprint or sonic fingerprint.

However, it is necessary to say that if you are setting up the voice match for the very first time and the conditions are bit noisy around you or you agitate through the process in an effort to getting over it quickly; you may be faced up with some situations in future where your google home does not recognize you as precisely as it could. So the easiest solution for this problem is to unpair yourself by using the app and set up the voice match once again. It will be really good if you can modulate your tone and maintain a certain distance form the speaker. So that the software will get to know the range of your unique voice pretty well.

Bring out a Voice Just for Google Home

It often happens that your family members sound alike in indigent way, siblings especially. In that case, if google home does not help both the individuals; there is only one clear way to differentiate them. Try to bring out a different voice only when you talk to the google home.

Just to test this method, use one of your google account that is not associated with your google home for adding another household member. Since your main account had the voice match set up with your original voice, try to set up the second one by using a falsetto.

Now you will see that it is working properly. If you ask “hey google! who I am?” with your original name then it will say the name associated your original voice. If you ask this same question with the help of falsetto, it will tell the name you have  just registered with your second account. This may not be the most shaky workaround you have ever heard, but at least it is effective.

Set up a Dummy Account for Google Home

What if you have set up your voice match with your google home and just because you listen up to a lot of songs you have linked your Spotify account to it. And if someone who also have set up voice match and linked their Spotify account, requests google home to play music, it will play music from their account.

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But what about those people who have neither voice matched account nor connected streaming services? In that case google home will head towards the default voice matched account. Okay, that may not be a problem if you does not mind about the search engine recommendations of Spotify. But if you do so, having other people’s music choices in your playlist will not be so good.

Just for avoiding this problem you have to setup a new Google Home household and a generic Google account first. After that, add a smart speaker voice like mentioned above. You will also have to create and attach dummy accounts of Spotify, Netflix and other streaming services of your choice and get it connected to your google home. If you don’t want to transit other people’s recommendations on your several personal accounts.



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