The USA President Donald Trump things that not playing college football this fall is a “tragic mistake”


President Donald Trump of the United States of America while appearing on Fox Sports Radio say that it will be a tragic mistake if fall’s college football season will be cancelled.

Why President Trump thinks that it is a tragic mistake:

As per Trump, The youth and the overall health of college players can avoid all most all serious symptoms of the coronavirus. As all these football players are very young and in excellent shape physically and strong from the mind. as per his, there are very little chances that something will happen to them. And it will be a tragic mistake on football organisers side on not to hold these matches this fall.

The president is in favour of having fans in the stand while these games are being played, but also said that it will be dependent on colleges to decide further on it and he will wait for the final recommendations.

After the Big Ten and Pac-12 became the 1st Power 5 conference which has postponed the matches from this fall, Trump came up with these viewpoints.

The USA President Donald Trump things that not playing college football this fall is a “tragic mistake”

What is the effect of CORONA on the USA by now:

As per the Johns Hopkins University, The United States of America is the worst-hit countries with a record new cases of around 50,000 of COVID-19 on Sunday and Monday. With more than 5 million diagnosed cases, at least 163,533 people have been died due to the pandemic.

The hospitalisation rate of young people from 18-29 age is 56 per 100,000. If we compare it with 281 per 100,000 for the people in the age group of 65 to 74. As per the stats from the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 8 out of 10 deaths in the USA have been reported for the age group of adults 65+ years and there are high possibilities of survival of young people.

But the concern is it can also get affected badly. As per the American Academy of Paediatrics and Children’s Hospital, more than 97,000 children in the USA has been tested positive in just last 2 weeks of July.

On the other hand, President Trump also wanted to see the NFL season to begin but will all safety measure to safeguard all people associated with it. 

The NFL is working with Government to the start but there are also protesting for equal rights for Black citizens. And President Trump is not happy to see them protesting their flag and anthem, as it is equivalent to protest against the country. 

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