The RNC Speech of Ivanka Trump Was a Preview of the Imminent Future


at the end of her speech to the republican national convention on Tuesday night, president’s daughter and the senior advisor of the white house Ivanka trump was looked out at the crowd at the lawn of the white house and took an another swipe at the piñata of the week: Joe Biden and all the ‘political elites’ who have clinched her.

She said; dad people obloquy you for being inoperative but, i have always loved and respected you for being efficient all the time for the nation. She also said; our president “does not lie down his beliefs to gain points with the political elites”.

“To my father, you are the only elite one”. she continued ” his only concern is about gaining points with you.

Take into account, how many donors, republican bigwigs and cabinet officials were sitting without comfort in the crowd; pretty close to the stage. Only because of the truest thing she has been talking about all night.

but this was not just the clear message that came out from Ivanka Trump’s speech; it was the restoration of her effort in 2016 to overhaul a racist and misogynist grifter as a clear champion of a working woman. This is what she meant by being there. It was not only the nepotism and corruption that has became the definition for last four years, more than anything she will always represent the future.

her father is the one who hardly thinks about gaining stars with the republican elites in the audience. political conventions are made not only for the candidates getting nominated but also for the ones who want to follow into their footsteps. And account to that RNC 2020 was not just the preview of the fall’s Champaign, also warranting many many republican Campaigns in the upcoming years.

so, you can proclaim a lot regarding the direction of the party by who was present and who was not. yes, there was no George W. Bush the one and only current republican president. The last republican presidential nominee before Trump, Mitt Romney was also not there. Paul Ryan and John Boehner was not presented too. Two most famous governors in America, Larry Hogan of Maryland and charlie Becker have chose the another way. All the candidates who have gone against trump in 2016 did not say a single word except Sen. Rand Paul and Ben Carson a loyal member of the cabinet.

instead of them, while the convention is going on we were able to heard from some figures like Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley,  Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, future North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn,  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley who are in the good standing for the party nowadays. Some figures from these wise personalities, really have the potential to run the presidential spot in 2024. President’s daughter, eldest son and wife all spoke a little bit. The marquee billing that have been given to Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka lead it in a natural way. Though the utterance has been created about what is going to come for them in the future.


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