The city of Charlotte to experience more entertainment at Bank of America stadium


By 2022, there will be an addition of 17 major league soccer matches at the Bank of America stadium every year. It is definitely good news for the people of Charlotte and tepper sports and entertainment to feel the new experience. Also, everyone is expecting new alterations in that nearby area.

As this covid 19 pandemic is showing out everyone a global loss, that Tepper sports and entertainment had to postpone 4 important concerts in the Bank of America stadium.

Soon after the pandemic has got over, they are going to use the stadium for new concerts, live events, Major League Soccer Games, College soccer games will also include the new addition.  National Football leagues are adding more excitement in it.

The city of Charlotte to experience more entertainment at Bank of America stadium

However, it was an earlier planning to enlarge an entertainment district in the particular area. Development is the backbone of any city, as it is the development in the field of entertainment, so will give people more motivation and thrilling experiences at the stadium.

For this project, Tepper sports have already acquired around $400 million in the city and state for that project. The Panthers have acquired around 450 acres of land in York Country and Uptown hill.

This project is slowing down because of this global pandemic, said by the Charlotte assistant city manager. He also mentioned by later this year, they are going to give more focus on this exciting project.

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