The Boys Season 2 review: Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon’s anti-superhero show, The Boys season 2 has come up on Amazon Prime Video and is streaming all across the world. The early reviews for this upcoming season have been positive. Since, The Boys, 1st season has gathered a lot of appreciation from the audience, we expect the season 2 to be equally engaging!
    The Boys Season 2
    Whatsoever, Amazon Prime has always been known to come up with some of the best series, and this is certainly going to be “one of the best” in the list.

    What is the cast of The Boys season 2?

    The Boys Season 2 has got an average rating of 8.32 out of 10. The Boys season 2 will cast Urban as Butcher, Cash as Stormfront and Starr as Homelander. Certainly, The Boys Season 2 is going to start quite a good number of stars including Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell, Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko and Capon as Frenchie who all are definitely part of “The Boys.” Eric Kripke will be working off the comic book series The Boys by writer, Garth Ennis and he has also been serving as an executive producer of the series along with Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, Neal H. Mortiz, Seth Rogen, Ken F. Levin along with many more. The Boys season 2 new episodes will debut every Friday until October 9, 2020.

    The Boys: Leveraging the superhero fatigue

    Since the time we started permeating deep into the mainstream media, The Boys has leveraged its fatigue in a way that nobody has ever done so far! Gone are those days when superheroes seem to be the hook of all video games, and movies. Now, “The Boys” has come up with a new and unique ideas to show us how the superhero society would probably look like, in a world where marketing rules and corporations come into the picture. Of course, this would be an interesting thing to expect this time, wherein we see how PR and marketing works!
    The Boys
    The Boys is a clear depiction of how power works in a corporate sector. It gives you a clear image of how the corruption of powerful hands operate in the society. You get to know that superheroes are not exactly the kind you see them and expect them to be! They are way different from that! Billy is the one who knew the truth as he has actually witnessed how the Homelander, the Bought and the Seven originally are! The Boys season 2 is finally in action all over again, and these new episodes seem to be on the hype at present. Jensen Ackles, who seems to be pretty excited about playing the Soldier boy, had recently announced “The Boys” as his next big project after his CW series which was indeed one of the long-running shows so far! Whatsoever, the expectations of the audiences from this series are really high, and everyone seems to be curious about what’s lining up next, and what new direction will this show come up with in the days to come!
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