Texas allowed people to register to vote online

As the Covid 19 situation has caused several issues with the postal service, Lettie Fickling from Colorado is worried if the recent complications are preventing the ballot from getting on time. She is even bothered about voting in person, and the chances of being exposed to Covid 19. Fickling in a statement said, “I’m having all these worries despite living in a state with some of the best voter protections, best mail-in voting infrastructure, and highest voter turnout.” She even added saying, “I can’t even imagine how worried people must be in places like Texas.”
Register to vote
This pandemic has raised such questions not only to Fickling but many other Americans are equally bothered about the same. The mail-in voting process depends on the United States Postal Service has incorporated different cost cutting services that in turn, have delayed the mail deliveries. Voting may become really difficult in the year 2020, and this pandemic has also restricted different locations that could otherwise be used as polling centre. Myrna Pérez, the director of Brennan Center for Justice’s Voting Rights and Elections Program said, “Coronavirus has laid bare all the cracks in our election system and really put strain and stress on a system that’s not resourced well enough to handle a lot of strain or stress.”
In such a situation, it is a humble request to all the voters that they start planning about how they can vote, and thus, prepare themselves about the same at the earliest. One should count all the options available to them, and only then should be deciding on the thing to be done.

Texans available of voting online: register to vote

The online option available for people to vote is limited only up to the update on license. It is going to increase the turnout for both this year as well as for future elections. Mimi Marziani, the president of the Texas Civil Rights Project, said, “This is absolutely a victory for voting rights for all Texans.” Adding on to it, Miami said, “It’s a particular victory for younger Texans, poorer Texans and Texans of color.”
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