South Park Pandemic special upholding all the current scenarios around us

    Currently, this pandemic situation raised due to Covid 19 has brought up several series and episodes to the entertainment industry, and the South Park Pandemic special episode is what we are going to talk about today! It is basically an episode that is designed to mock about different aspects that we can see around today. This episode is scripted keeping in mind all the aspects that have been going on in our society at the present.
    south park pandemic special
    A lot of critics have classified this comedy Central series to have a libertarian or a conservative mindset even today. This is pretty much evident for the way it did rip into political correctness. However, the Wednesday’s episode made a mockery of how Donald Trump has been handling the Covid 19 situation.

    South Park Pandemic special targeting Donald Trump

    Through the episode, it is represented that how Trump has been lounging in the Oval Office and the way she refused to take any kind of calls from the crisis experts. However, Stan Marsh got into the scene somehow and then Stan goes on explaining that it would probably not be possible for Trump to stop this Covid 19 if he visits the town of South Park. However, he refuses to hear out to Stan as he says that it is the promise of the President that he would ensure that the Americans to get rid of the Mexicans.
    south park pandemic special
    Again, the episode says that how Trump reacts to Stan when the latter says that the Corona virus has been killing more people than only the Latinos. Trump says to this, “the virus is still killing a lot of people.” He even put forward a chart showing that how the Corona virus has been affecting the people of color in a very disproportionate way. This show even portrayed different stories related to police violence showing how the South Park cops were going on a rampage. It also reveals how they shoot a black student suddenly, and also about the murder of all the kids who were caught out after a curfew.

    Other hits from South Park Pandemic special

    This episode even targeted other issues of the society, such as how the people have been wearing their masks improperly, social distancing being a mandate and how it has become the “new normal,” as well as other issues like panic buying, zoom sessions and such related concerns. One of the most interesting aspects of this episode is none other than the speech of Stan wherein he talks of the pandemic and its devastating impacts on the people’s psychology. He goes on lamenting, while saying that he is not being able to take the shutdowns any further. All he wants is to see things around just the way they used to be! He goes on saying that he wants to have fun all over again, and thus, get back his old lifestyle once again.
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