Soumitra Chatterjee health: Still critical

    Soumitra Chatterjee, the pride of West Bengal remains unconscious in a hospital in Kolkata wherein the doctors have been saying that there is no major change in his health condition at present. Even though he is stable now, his health is still critical. The veteran Bengal actor, Soumitra is also a Dada Saheb Phalke Awardee and he has been under a ventilation support. His platelet count remained on the lower end, and thus, the doctors have confirmed about treating him in the hospital in Kolkata. The physicians have revealed that there is no major change in his health condition. On a statement in the Tuesday evening said that there is no major or minor change in the health of the actor, Soumitra Chatterjee. His neurological condition is not well either. Besides, he was analysed for dialysis of urea since his creatinine levels became lower than usual.

    Doctor treating Soumitra Chatterjee revealed his physical health in a statement

    In a recent statement, the doctor treating Soumitra Chatterjee talked about his present physical health saying that the plate count and low haemoglobin is basically due to the blood loss and multiple transfusion. He further added, “It was not that topsy turvy day for the medical board (treating Chatterjee). There has been no new change in Chatterjee’s organ functions and the ventilator support remains the same. His liver and organ functions remain okay. However his haemoglobin level and platelet counts (are) on the lower side.”
    soumitra chaterjee
    Besides, the nephrology board is thus, going to sit on a discussion wherein they will come upon a joint decision about giving him the long term kidney support. They will also discuss upon giving him a long term air management. The board shall further review if the actor needs any further medication or not! It was on 6th of October that he was admitted to the hospital after he was tested positive for Covid 19. He is no doubt a jewel to the Bengali film industry and having started his career as a debut star in the Apur Sansar which was indeed a masterpiece from Satyajit Ray. After his admission to the hospital, he got eventually another report wherein he was tested negative of Covid 19 but then again, different other problems came up. We all heartily wish that this star gets well really soon, and we all wish for his long life!
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