Soumitra Chatterjee : A Pride of Bengal is no more!

    Soumitra Chatterjee who has been struggling with his health in the Kolkata’s Belle Vue Clinic in Kolkata is no more alive. He was admitted in the hospital since the month of October and he finally expired on Sunday afternoon at the age of 85 years. His funeral took place at Keoratala Crematorium in Kolkata on Sunday evening with police honors. The West Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee was there to attend the funeral ceremony along with the actor and his family. His funeral was honored with gun shots. Several celebrities from the Bengali film industry attended the ceremony and the last rites were preceded by a funeral procession from Rabindra Sadan to Keoratala Crematorium. Indeed, we did lose a gem today!
    soumitra chatterjee
    As Soumitra Chatterjee died, his body was carried from the hospital to his Golf Green residence and then to the Technician Studio in Tollygunge. Also, his body was taken to the hub of Bengali cinema, the Rabindra Sadan where a lot of actors and actresses paid their tributes to this born legend. They also sang Rabindra Sangeet to pay tribute to the actor who is now a memory for all of us!

    Soumitra Chaterjee died: The born legend is now a memory!

    Soumitra Chatterjee was initially admitted to the hospital for he was caught of Covid 19 but then post a few weeks, that is, on October 14, he was tested negative. However, the health of the actor kept on deteriorating and finally, he was kept on several life support systems for quite some time. Also, a doctor who has been treating the late actor said in a media release, stating that, “Soumitra Chatterjee is not responding to treatment. Even miracles may fall short in this situation.” The doctor made this statement in a medical bulletin on Saturday. On the other hand, an official statement regarding his death that was released on Sunday read, “We declare with heavy heart that Shri Soumitra Chattopadhyay breathed his last at 12-15 pm at Belle Vue Clinic today (15 November 2020). We pay our homage to his soul.”
    Soumitra Chaterjee was a born artist, and there is no doubt about his skills. He has successfully played his roles in some of the best movies of all times that include Teen Kanya, Apur Sansar, Joy Baba Felunath and more. We wish that no matter where he is, may his soul rest in peace!
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