Sonu Sood Sends Smartphones To Students For Online Classes In Hariyana

Since the Covid 19 has brought up with the newest ever trend of studying across the internet, where digital classroom programmes are being conducted by schools and colleges across the world. Actor Sonu Sood has taken the charge of providing smart phones to students across India in the Haryana village to facilitate them with easy online education. While online classes have become the need of the hour, a lot of poor families are unable to afford the expense that they have got to bear. Purchasing laptops or desktops immediately has become a hassle for them.

Students had to travel miles just to use a cell phone – No more of it!

Actor Sonu Sood had earlier expressed his concerns over the safety and health of the students by urging to postpone the NEET, JEE Main 2020 exams. Since the students who appear for the exams had to come from remote areas, health is certainly a factor that might get disrupted in such a Covid 19 mess. Well, this is yet another time when he took no time to come ahead and stand beside the students.
Sonu Sood, who have recently become a popular figure in the past few months have taken the initiative to sought out this issue. The actor had recently come across a news story of students who were unable to access online education in a remote Morni village in Haryana. Consequently, this great soul decided to help the students by sending them smart phones so that they can access their online classes from now onwards. Earlier, it was reported the students of the morning village had to travel miles in order to access smartphones for online classes sensor parents could not afford such phones out of financial crisis.
According to the reports, the news article was written by the Journalist Hina Rohtaki and she tagged Sonu Sood for his generosity by sharing a screen grab from her story on Twitter. Sonu Sood has replied to this post by writing a note wherein he says, “No more travelling for these kids. They will have their smartphones by tomorrow.” Certainly, once again, Sonu Sood did win the hearts of many with his kindness and helping gesture. Now, with this assistance from this kind actor who has been doing so much for the underprivileged sections of the society, the kids who are willing to learn will no longer have to take the trouble of travelling distant just to get a smart phone, so as to access their classes.
Thanks to this gentle man! Certainly, he has received all the blessings and good wishes from these kids and their poor families!

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