Serena Williams on a livestream mini-class talks about Money Management

The Tennis Superstar, Serena Williams is known to all! She has got a track record of winning more than 90 million dollars. Certainly, this young lady has made more record of making money by playing tennis than that of any other woman in the history of the sports genre. Recently, in a live stream that she had held wish his students who were particularly young professionals or the ones who belong from the historically Black colleges, she talked about the right way to spend money.
Serena Williams
Certainly, it is not only about earning money, but one must be wise enough to chalk out the ways of spending it. William related about it during the JPMorgan Chase Chat saying that it is essential for young people to understand how to spend money. They should be able to self evaluate between their needs and wants. She further said that one must have the ability to differentiate the expenses that are made from truly informed decisions against the ones that are spent out of pure emotion. As an individual, one must be able to understand this! However, she adds onto his speech saying that parents must be held responsible for teaching their kids about it right from their early childhood so that they grow up to be responsible and wise enough!

Serena Williams takes examples from her past life to reveal how she takes decisions about managing her wealth

Serena Williams says that she has never been a kid from a wealthy family. Hence, her father, Richard had taught both his daughters, Serena and her sister, Venus to work hard in life. She says that it is only from her father that she had learn to reap the benefits of her hard work. This superstar has made a huge heap of wealth from her sports till date, and it could have been possible only because she was aware of how to preserve it. In a recent interview with the NBC News, she said that she knew it very well, and thus, she put her first bit of prize money right into the bank after she received it. She said that she had learnt it during the early years of her life that whether she was supposed to put all her money into a savings account, invest it somewhere or get a deposit of the same in a checking account. She had a fair knowledge about what to do, and how to do! No doubt, she was clear of these things that might seem to be simple, yet are the pillars of her success today.

Serena Williams’ childhood spent growing up with the golden words from her dad, Richard

Serena Williams further added that as a kid, she used to go to the parks and practice tennis over there with her dad. However, her dad used to tell her that athletes have always been known to lose their money. Hence, she knew it well that she would have to keep it, and that the risks of losing the money that one earns as an athlete are pretty high! Williams added, “At a young age, it was instilled in me that I shouldn’t splurge.” Having said so, she says that this Covid 19 pandemic has taught her a lot of lessons for life, and that instead of complaining and nagging around it, one must start using this time span behind the doors in an innovative way and try coming up with new skills.
She said that it is important to learn about ways to earn and save, for that’s the only way through which you can preserve all that you make throughout your life. Williams had been encouraging the young audience to keep learning from different situations in life. He said that the sooner we realize the need of earning money, the better it is! One must be ready to face the ups and downs in life, and that’s when wealth management comes into the picture.

Greatest tennis player ever, Serena Williams net worth

Serena Williams, commonly regarded as the greatest tennis player of all times, has made her professional debut in the year 1995, back when she was 14 years old. It has been two years now that she is continuing to dominate the field of sports. After her recent speech about wealth management, there is a curiosity among all regarding this celebrity’s net worth. She stands at approximately 200 million dollars now. Certainly, she stands as one of the highest earning female players till date.
Looking at the list of the highest paid athletes of 2020, Serena Williams ranked in the 33rd position according to Forbes worth $200 million. Her single endorsement with Nike reported somewhere around 55 million dollars. Besides, she has several other sponsors like Wilson and more such brands.
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