Senator Ron Johnson tests Covid 19 positive

The Republican Senator, Ron Johnson is tested Covid 19 positive and according to his spokesperson, it was confirmed that the third GOP senator was exposed to someone who was already infected with the Corona virus earlier this week. On this Friday, Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Thom Tillis of North Carolina on the Judiciary Committee were tested Covid 19 positive. President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett in the White House event and now multiple attendees of that event including Trump have been tested Covid 19 positive. It was revealed that a lot of people attending the event were not wearing masks and were also not observing social distancing protocols which could probably lead them to this!
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Johnson was already in home quarantined as he was suffering from a previous exposure and thus, he did not attend the meeting in which Barrett was nominated. Despite not attending the ceremony in which several people were exposed to this deadly Corona Virus, the Senator decided to get a test done as a precautionary measure as Lee also was tested positive, and thus, it was confirmed that Ron was also affected even though he was twice declared as Covid 19 negative.

The Covid 19 exposure of Ron Johnson probably occurred after they attended the Senate GOP lunch this week

The Senate Republicans usually meet thrice in a week for their lunch meetings. While they gather in a large room to have their lunch post discussions, they usually remove their masks and have the food too, while speaking to one another. All the three, Lee, Tillis and Johnson attended the Senate GOP lunches this week. According to the sources, some or the other attendees in the event was affected of this virus which further spread among the others as well.

Quorum of senators getting ready for the process of voting to start: Ron Johnson and Tillis are being awaited

We can expect to see Barrett on the Supreme Court by the end of this month. The date, 15th of October, 2020 is regarded as a crucial date as Tillis and Lee, both will return by then. The senate Judiciary chairman Lindsey Graham basically requires the presence of a total of 9 members in the committee that includes two Democratic members as well to count the nomination. The Democrats would be eligible to pose their power in order to delay the vote of the nomination of the week, thereby setting up a committee vote to be held by 22nd of October, 2020. A floor vote will then take place this week.
Democrats can opt to boycott the proceeding that is supposed to be held on 15th of October, which will eventually prevent the GOP quorum to continue the process. Graham can choose to continue the boycott if Lee or Tillis are back, and thus, they would proceed with a committee vote to get the nomination approved. The committee comprises of 12 republicans along side 10 Democrats. Therefore, both the two GOP senators need to be present in order to make sure that they are having a majority to vote on the nomination.
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