Scissor Seven Season 3: Every Information We Have On The Approaching Third Season


    Scissor Seven, also known as Killer 7, is coming back with a new season on Netflix! Yes, you heard it right! These days, Netflix is releasing more anime series and films for anime lovers. This series is unique and one of the most praised anime of 2020. Catch all the latest updates about the Scissor season 3 below.

    Scissor season 3 arriving soon on Netflix

    The second season barely dropped on Netflix on May 7, 2020, and now the show is ready with a new season. Fans were first to get the quick news about the upcoming season. Scissor 7 provides a perfect blend of grown-up humor, sex jokes, and much more.


    The first season initially premiered in January 2020, and the next season fell into Netflix’s lap in April 2020. According to the sources, the third chapter of Scissor Seven will return soon, however, the release date or production information has not been affirmed by the streaming giant. Looking at the show’s popularity, we can speculate Netflix to renew the show for another soon.

    If we look at the release pattern of season 1 and 2 of Scissor Seven, there were just 5 months gap between both the seasons. Besides, some fans are already speculating the third installment to finish its production before 2020 ends.

    But don’t forget that the show has been originated in China. Also, looking at the current situation, more than a hundred countries are still in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So after doing all the calculations, we can anticipate a Scissor Seven season 3 to release in early 2021.

    Plot: Outline Of The Scissor Seven

    The show is filled with feelings of helping, hatred, and love. The story of Scissor Seven chronicles around the lead character, Wu Liqui. One day he loses his memory when he experiences an unfortunate injury and surgery. In the entirety of the show, he tries to recover the lost memories from his past.

    While recovering from his injury, he tries to replace hate with love and resolves the negativity in society. The whole show is filled with realism and comedy. The first two chapters of Scissor Seven had an interesting and inspiring plotline. So the creators won’t disappoint fans who are expecting more in the upcoming season.


    The slice of life and comedy show will surely come back with a new season. All the cast and crew are likely to return as well. The series had gained huge fame in the last few years, so this will encourage the creators to produce more new seasons of the show. The upcoming season is speculated to drop in 2021 on Netflix.

    So, till then, you can rewatch the first two seasons and do a complete revision of the show or subscribe to our blog to stay with us for more updates.

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